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  1. Pictures
    These were like 4 years ago + one when he was about 5-6 months old ..
  2. Pictures
    Well, since the album upload page hasn't worked for me in 3 days I figure i'll just post a few pix here and add them to the album later lol This is my dummy Cairo, who I introduced at some length in my intro .. Some folks asked for a few pix and I'd love to know what you guys think! ;] -SiN
  3. Health & Nutrition
    Cairo is now 10 months old, weighing in at a VERY LEAN 55lbs (he's pretty tall)... NOT that I want to EVER have an overweight dog, BUT, he only CHOOSES to eat approx 1.5-2 cups of food PER DAY.... 2-2.5 cups MAYBE if i mix it with some soft food. He is on a Holistic diet. He eats Chicken Soup...
  4. General Discussion
    For those who don't know or forgot, Cairo is 5.5 months old and about 15 mins ago, just saw snow on the ground for the first time... GRANTED its less than an inch of snow, but the ground was still white and he was like "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH THE FLOOR!!! WHERE DO I POOP!!!" and kept...
  5. Pictures
    Here is a short video of Cairo saying his name & I love you. Let me know if i'm just crazy or if you hear it. Here's another one too:
  6. Pictures
    Here are a few pictures I took of Cairo the other day. It is harder than you would think to try and take pictures why playing with a flirt pole. He just turned 9 months old. He weights 61.5#'s.
  7. Pictures
    I got his Yellow/black 1.5" show collar from stillwater yesterday. Here are a few pictures of him. He is 8 months old yesterday.
  8. Pictures
    Here are a few pictures of Cairo & Cana our English Setter. Alright that is all for now... How do you think Cairo is growing up....Conformation wise? He is 7.5 months old, 55 lbs & 21" at the shoulders.
  9. Pictures
    Here are a few pictures of Cairo @ 7 months. he is 54# currently. How much bigger do you think he'll get? He is 21.5" at the shoulders and 16" neck.
  10. Pictures
    Cairo turned 6 months old today! I can't believe how big he has gotten!! He weighed in at 49.5#'s yesterday.. Here he is doing what he does best on these cold winter days, chilling by the heater!! And one at 8 weeks old:
  11. Pictures
    Cairo outgrew his collar I made him a month ago. So I made a another one (the second collar I've ever made). I did one that was a little different style collar. But I think the overall collar came out better. It is made of 10 oz. 1" wide latigo leather. Check it out and let me know what you...
  12. Pictures
    Here are some pictures I snapped this morning of Cairo, He turned 5 months old last week. He is 42.5 lbs, & about 18-19" at the top of the back. I can't believe how big he is getting!! Sorry about the picture quality it was on my cell phone.
  13. Pictures
    Hello all, I am new to the forum. I figured I'd say Hi, and show some pictures of Cairo @ 17 weeks old & 30.2#'s. (Also sporting his new leather collar I made him) We found out that he has Demodex mange on friday, we are going treating him with oral med's (ivermectin) :confused: never had a dog...
1-14 of 14 Results