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    A Terrier Shaffire Mix! Amazeballs! Also amazing that he was Neutered AND Spayed. Oh, wait.. it says he was NURTURED. Thank goodness! A little gem from my local Craigslist.
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    Echo is turning 1 years old next month and I'm wondering if you guys have any suggestion. I just want a simple celebration nothing big or fancy Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  3. General Discussion
    Zions birthday is comin up..its on the 11th and he will be 1!!! Yes...I spoil my babies and I want to make zi a doggy birthday cake! I've been google'n it..but just want to know if any one has any ideas? Thanks!
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    OHEMGEE!!! bahahahaha...i SOOOOOO want this on top of my cake when i get married..but have it look like ruca and zion! :woof:
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    hey heres something i found hanging up on a door to the flea market it was an add for american pitbull terriers for sale. (more like merle american bullies) went like this full blooded american pitbull terriers for sale rare tye die coloring never before bred in ct! pure bred xxl parents 100...
1-5 of 6 Results