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  1. General Discussion
    - my neighbor's son just showed up with a BABY puppy I'm guessing to be 5 or 6 weeks old - traded for speakers in a parking lot - apparent mix of husky and boxer. Darling puppy with cute markings. They're going to try to sell it themselves tomorrow but think it's better off than the people it...
  2. General Discussion
    i am considering getting my dog ears crop but i don't know any places in northern California. does anybody have a advice on where to go. i live in San leandro.
  3. Pictures
    I lifted some of your pics elvisfink, hope you dont mind :).
  4. Events, Results & Photos
    Please come join us at Martinez Waterfront Park Martinez Horseman's Association Martinez, CA ON Saturday, May 21 at 8:00am - May 22 at 2:00pm Visit us on facebook @ California APBT Association | Facebook Further details The California APBTA will host 2 conformation shows and 1 weight pull on...
  5. General Discussion
    My neighbor just informed me that her brother 'rescued a blue nose pit bull' ('very stocky and muscular" description sounded like american bully to me) - that just had 7 puppies. These people barely survive and one doesn't work and they just had a baby and already have 2 little kids and a...
  6. Cal

    Here is my friend Cal who lives back East. He is another spoiled Bull Dog. :)
  7. Events, Results & Photos
    Come on out for our 1st show as a new club!!!! CALIFORNIA SOUTH BAY DOG FANCIERS SAN BERNARDINO (O) CONF JS Jan 22; S1 Joyce Lea-Hanson JS GUARD SCENT SIGHT GUN NORTH HERD (except BSD) TERR COMP Entries 8-9 am Show 10 am NLC: Novice Puppy Jan 22; S2 Lorraine Tayeb JS GUARD SCENT SIGHT GUN NORTH...
  8. Events, Results & Photos
    STUD DOG CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your stud dog and 2 dogs(off spring)!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's see who is the best producer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $$$$$100.00 to the winner!$$$$$$$$$$$ Canine Cryobank is sponsoring this class!!!! Have a need to freeze? We will be at the 4th annual Bully Love...
  9. Events, Results & Photos
    So Cal Dec MOVED!!!!!!January 2nd Show had to be moved due to weather. New date January 2nd Everything else the same! :woof::woof::woof::woof:
  10. Events, Results & Photos
    Who's coming??? Pat always has the best tropies!!!!!! CALIFORNIA GOLDEN WEST TOY FOX TERRIER ASSOCIATION CLAREMONT (O) CONF JS Nov 21; S1 Jeanne Heger (replacing Pamela Simmons) JS GUARD SCENT SIGHT GUN NORTH HERD (except BSD) TERR COMP Entries 7:30-8:30 am Show 9 am NLC: Novice Puppy, Stud...
  11. Events, Results & Photos
    Our show with a kids costume contest and bully costume contest! Can't wait!
  12. General Discussion
    Ive had Cal since he was 8 wks, he is now 14 weeks. He is a rednose/ red blue-fawn male!
  13. Positive Pitbull News
    Boy, 13, held as alleged organizer of pit-bull fight He's the first in L.A. to face felony dog fighting charges since a task force was formed in 2005. By Richard Winton, Times Staff Writer March 16, 2007 When two police officers came upon an organized dogfight in a trash-ridden alley in South...
1-13 of 15 Results