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  1. Pictures
    I took 2 pics of Cali while the weather was nice out, will have tons once the pool opens up :)
  2. Pictures
    I won cali a BSL collar and today it came in the mail. Now she has her very own BSL Bites Lux spark collar pink on black :)
  3. Pictures
    Just a few pics of my girl
  4. Pictures
    I got her a jolly ball and she loves it. I did get bear a toy too, will have a separate video up.
  5. Pictures
    Ok if your friends with me on Facebook you would have seen one picture and a comment I made. I thought to post her and share, my girl Cali got thicker like she popped lol, she got a thicker neck an chest, she is 2 yrs old here are the pics that is not her bowl, she happened to be in my room...
  6. Pictures
    Fun video showing how much fun Cali has in the pool :) she would make a great dock jumping dog I think
  7. Pictures
    Yes Cali finally has a pool lol, she loves it a lot as for bear, he's a scardy dog. Thought I update you on my dogs here's some pictures,,, first she had to test it out lol she approved after she all done, she one happy gurl
  8. Pictures
    Cali working out, getting back into shape :)
  9. Ear crops
    can anyone recomend a place to get ears done in the bay area ?
  10. Pictures
    Cali is the Buckskin , American staffordshire . Zoey the black and white,APBT. Sent from my iPhone using Petguide.com Free App
  11. Pictures
    havent posted here for a few months lol, here are some pictures of cali :) the day i got her a jolly ball aug 26 ( jolly ball has been killed)
  12. Pictures
    Haven't posted these guys for awhile so thought would throw a few pics up. Just finished moving and started a new job and soon starting school so things are a bit hectic here at times. Anyways once we get settled in a bit more I can get some newer pics put up of the whole crew. No fence in this...
  13. Pictures
    i decided to get a vid of calis new game which she thinks its fun i dont lol, she likes to chase me with the sprinkler,sorry for yellin in the vid but i had to make sure she didnt get the camera wet silly gurl i love her
  14. Pictures
    i got cali a water gun because i wanted to see what she think of it, an she loves it, but i need to get her a new one because she did end up killing it i then ended up gettin the hose
  15. Pictures
    just a few pics of my pretty girl
  16. Pictures
    Haven't been on in a while so I haven't posted up pics in a while either! Here's a few from my yard a little while ago wearing her new Cali Girl orange daisy collar! I threw a few randoms in to! Bella is now on an all RAW diet and thriving! Her coat and teeth are shiny as ever and she loves her...
  17. Pictures
    i kno i usually post lots of pics but today i have less LOL, cali running the fence after a small dog bear wasnt ready when i took this pic lol free stack
  18. Pictures
    ok so i wanted to make a thread only of bear, of course this diva HAS to be in every pic i tried to get of bear sheesh :lol: i call him my golden boy :) LOL she can do an orca tounge not sure why she looks sad or serious ? them together iv got a secret LOL she didnt like it...
  19. Pictures
    some pictures of my gurl, bear will have his own thread soon mom, its right there! mom you hear me? she can make some weird faces lol focused on gettin the rag on the flirt pole she got it pretty good pic considerin i was usin one hand to take the pic the other using the flirt...
  20. Pictures
    im loving my new camera :) had cali outside since it was warm an got some pics of her an a video. hope you like an lets see those comments plz smile for the camera look what i haz mom look how much fun im having then she went after the pear tree which she pretty much killed it, i...