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  1. Vendor Deals
    Remember Furbo? Odds are you do... It was the Petguide.com "Best Pet Tech of 2018", it's been featured on Ellen, and for anyone with a passion for both tech and furry friends, it's one of the coolest things on the market right now. Why are we writing about it again, you might task? Well, the...
  2. Pictures
    Last month i kind of splurged and got myself a new camera. Its a big upgrade for me, coming from the Nikon d5100 to Nikon d500. I bought it manly for action/wildlife. I do need to get another lens, as right now i am shooting with a Nikon 70-300 mm vr2 lens. I am still learning this beast, and...
  3. Pictures
    He's been a little photo hoe lately. But here are some pics after playing today. It was finally warm and sunny outside.
  4. Pictures
    Almost 7 months old. Averys momma ♡♥
  5. Pictures
    So got a few pics of Louie today. Big weather change from Oregon so hes a shedding MACHINE!
  6. Pictures
    wasnt such a bad dayn outside wsa kinda windy not as warm as yesterday but i was outside long enough to get some pics to share :) iz wantz it caliiiii come on bear, come getz it fine i will share you big baby i did some throwing for them i think bear is part deer? stalking cali...
  7. Pictures
    i took some more pictures today with my new camera an all i can say is, i love it :D hope you enjoy these pictures as much as i do wish i didnt cut off the ears, but still like the pic sorry if the pics are a little big
  8. Pictures
    just bought a 150 dollar camera so i can take actual decent pics without my phone.... just a few random pics of samson (8 months in a week) 55.2 lbs) on his/my bed ..... awwww yoda ears on his/my sons bed hahahahah ..... and he has his own room that I put him in when we cant take him...
  9. Pictures
    took some random pics of dyamond today playing with her and some friends, i think she's filling out nice, what do you all think? (from what you can tell from the crappy pics)
  10. Pictures
    I always take pics with my cell, my camera is probably not much better , some cannon 6mgpx something or other.....but i always reflect at night when i get home....no matter what mood im in or what time of the night i get home....i can hear him crying for me in my sons room waiting for me to get...
  11. Pictures
    I got my new camera last night, i don't really know how to use it yet but here is a couple of the babies!!
  12. Pictures
    On alert for the neighbors dog, his arch nemesis. Playing with is Ashlyn Waiting for the "eat" release Watching the TV
  13. Pictures
    I just got my new camera today. A Panasonic Lumix and boy, is it 2094234 million times better than my camera-phone, lol. So, I took a few pics inside and then took Kane out in the snow to have some fun and took like ... 50 pictures and one video, lol. I've been saving up all these months for...
  14. Pictures
    I tried to get some still shots of him. I'm still working on him slowly. Slow and steady wins the race - On to the pics I woulda loved this pic if he would have kept his head still Let's go back to the car !!
  15. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I dont know alot about apps to improve pic quality. The ones they do have all come with mixed reviews. Any advice? Looking to clear the pic quality and resolution
1-16 of 42 Results