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  1. Pictures
    All of the noise is coming from Camo. He has always been very vocal while playing. Gauge's activity level has increased 10 fold since I got him too!
  2. Pictures
    He is all grown up now! Still has a bit of growing into himself to do, but that will come in time. We are just starting to ramp up his activity.
  3. Pictures
    I love the new camera, it catches soooo much more detail than my phone :p I need to play around with it more to get optimal color, depth of field, and such, but that aside I am very happy with these for the first time using it.
  4. Pictures
    A year ago today my lil mutt was born, a week later abandoned... His story is a happy one though, he has found his forever home and is an integral part of my family!
  5. Pictures
    This is the last few seconds of Camo's run this morning. He was pretty tired and just jogging at this point as he had been going about 30 minutes. I've tried getting him to pull in a harness but all he does is fight and try to escape the harness. So until I get him willing to wear one, a flat...
  6. Pictures
    Not bad for a 4 1/2 month old pup and a long way from me having to hold his collar and him pawing at the ground or jumping wildly to try and break my grasp to get at his food. He had been sitting for about a minute already too as I got my phone ready and Dylan out of the shot. Camo showing...
  7. Pictures
    Abandoned at 1 week with out mom or litter mates, rescued at 5 weeks, Camo is now with us in a foster to adopt program. 5 weeks old (the day he came home) the poor little guy was skin and bones. A boy and his dog! 5 1/2 weeks old, sporting a sweater do to high 40 degree temps and being...
  8. Products / Services
    ok everyone, found some 1" pink bone camo, i will order this if i can get a few orders for it. 1" show collars are $11, 1.5" camo on black - $17 2" camo on top blue or black $20. please email me at [email protected] Nizmos K9 Supply | Facebook
  9. Pictures
    Just got Crush's new collar today love the camo on him color works perfect , Thank you as always you did awesome work :)
  10. Pictures
    Here are some pictures of my son, Brayden, and his puppy Camo (but I all her Harvey Two Face). Camo is Kangol's great-niece and she is a hot mess but she LOVES to snuggle with her Brayden. She is 5 months old now. She likes to sit in this flower pot outside for some reason She is a bed...
  11. Pictures
    Kangol trying to snooze Kangol and Camo snoozing They are on chipmunk patrol Ultimate dishwasher :woof:
1-13 of 14 Results