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  1. pitbull behavior
    Can someone help me. My five month old pitbull pup just loves to get into a garbage can. She knocks them both down and spreads all the garbage around the kitchen. Any way to stop her from doing that? It is a hassle to go and pick up the huge mess but its also a safety issue. Sometimes there may...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Hey, I met someone with a huge Pit and he told me he feeds him this canned food called Evo. He gave me a can and I put a little bit of it in my dogs food and it made them eat more. ANyone heard of it or know if its any good? Also, I feed my 3 pits buffalo blue and one of them who I got who was...
  3. Pictures
    So FINALLY hooked Combat up and........he did GREAT! other than wanting to eat the leash and the training harness fitting a little weird (I think that is my fault though...the thing in confusing) he towed that drag sled across the yard like a champ! So here's a few photos! PS-we have a 6month...
1-3 of 4 Results