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    So with all the talk about dogs riding safely in the car got me thinking. There has been talk about a new law stating dogs can no be loose in the car. I guess they say if you wreck they can be a projectile. I've seen all these stupid dog booster seats and crazy attachments but why not just use a...
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    Sorry if this was already posted on here, i did a quick search and didn't find anything. This is a sad story from here in AZ, a Female Pit was hit by a car and her companion (male Pit) wouldn't leave her side for 14.5hrs. Here is the full story from our local news station. Dog refuses to leave...
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    (PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL DOGS MUST HAVE CRATES) We know you heard about this event last April for the first annual! We had an attendance of about 6,000 people who all enjoyed themselves. This year April 28th we expect it to be even greater with our huge staff to help with any questions or problem...
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    Indy 500 winner Wheldon dies in massive wreck LAS VEGAS - Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon died Sunday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway after his car became ensnarled in a fiery 15-car pileup, flew over another vehicle and landed in a catch fence just outside turn 2. The 33-year-old racer was a...
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    Getting Hit by a Car to Avoid a Dog : StubbyDog I thought this was a good read and wanted to share it with you all. It reminds me of what I, and I'm sure everyone else here, deal with every time I am out with my dog in public. Whether we are walking, jogging or playing at the park, people...
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    Well I can never help myself to take in abandoned animals I guess that's the soft side of me. I was out and about and saw a few kittens under a car. There are a TON of stray cat's over where I live. Poor little things it was 90 degree's out and one of them came out to my daughter crying and was...
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    Sorry if this was already posted. I can't not believe a police officer would leave his dog in the car for 6 hours in the heat, which caused his death in the hot temperatures. I mean I know there are stupid people out there who do this, but you would hope Police are trained to know what caring...
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    Some of my neighbors let their little dogs out loose on their own in the street instead of walking them. I saw one of them this morning when I brought one of mine out for a walk, rolling around on the grass before he took off around the corner. I saw him laying dead in the street a few minutes...
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    Hi guys, my 5 month old pit has been in 4-5 car rides with me so far, and 80% of the time he'll throw up, to im assuming motion sickness. As he gets in the car more will he get used to it?
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    Ralphie and Precious in their riding spots Alexa decided to ride floorboards Ralphie and my man Playtime at my future sis in laws!
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    So our chihuahua loves car rides...goes and hops and lays in the back window. It is so funny to watch people stare to try to see if shes real. :P so i took pics and thought ya'll might enjoy..not a pit bull but oh well :P
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    Bear loves to go on car ride dosnt matter where we go hes up for the journey:D Lookin out the window What ? Ok i will smile for the camera Car rides sure make me tired when i come home
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    Took the dogs up to see the family in Snohomish. This was how they spent their time in the car.
  15. Pictures
    Little buttmunch lounging on my car,leg all hanging over the side looking comfy!:rofl: He better be glad I decided to hold off on sanding and repainting it for a while.Or I'd really be mad!:rofl:
  16. General Discussion
    GP FAMILY!!!!!!!!! I just bought my car about 4 months ago, and when I got in it the other day, i SWEAR it smelled like a dog! Got me all nervous.... it's the first "nice" car i've ever had, and I try to keep it as clean as possible... just wondering how everyone else keeps their cars smelling...
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    Well we got a car from someone at Bobby's work and his wife told me before we left. You know every car comes with a cat? I was like huh? She told me they have a bunch of 8 week old kittens that needed homes. Her husband found a kittie on there woodpile and he said they had to feed it or it would...
  18. Pictures
    Beautiful day in NY, took the bike out since 7am and then came home and decided the car needed a bath.. I had Sasha outside and she was playing with a stick and biting the water from the hose when I needed a laugh(silly puppy)... I thought I would share some pics, there are taken with my phone...
21-38 of 76 Results