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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    I am looking for a puppy from this bloodline. My father was an old friend of Maurice and Pat Carver and got all his dogs from Mr. Carver. Unfortunitely my father has passed on and so has the dogs he had. Thanks!
  2. General Discussion
    prada my foster pup found a new home today :( kinda sad but it was a good fit. So i am looking to get a second forever dog for tyson, and i found a litter that is carver and old family. What are your thoughts on this line, i want a high energy and athletic dog with good drive. the pup is...
  3. Bloodline Discussion
    Ok so, I was interested in a female pitbull out of West Monroe. When I asked bloodline I was told Carver. period. She was heavily pregnant and supposedly Bred to a male pitbull. I asked his bloodline. Carver. Her owners were not cooperative.. AT ALL! She is ADBA reg. and so is the stud. I have...
  4. Bloodline Discussion
    I have been trying to find a female carver bred pup.. and am having hardly any luck.. ive got a 50% adba reg. carver male.. anyone know where to find carver pups 75% or more.. is there any 100% carver dogs left out there... The guy i got my pup off of said it is hard to find carver blood...
  5. Bloodline Discussion
    I have a 2x Jeep, red boy, and Carver fawn blue female and I need some suggestions on what blood line to breed here with. I want some blue but I also want to keep them game short, stocky, and blocked heads. My buddy has a gotti/york blue brendle what should I do
  6. History
    It was always an honour to write about someone as diverse as Maurice Carver. Much has been said about this "bigger than life' Texan, and almost everyone that knew him either strongly liked or disliked him. While I knew Maurice, the dog man I was never really close to him. By the time I first met...