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  1. pitbull behavior
    Hello there! I have a 2 year old buddy named, Wesley. I rescued him a little over a month ago. We have been working together every moment I am not at work to get him to be a polite, pleasant boy! We have come miles from where he was! The only issue is that he pulls violently at small animals...
  2. General Discussion
    Hey! So I'm about to adopt a 7 month rescue pit bull/weimaraner and have a couple concerns. I've been doing my research about this breed and there's so many contradictions and hot and cold which I'm sure everybody's aware. My boyfriend grew up with big dogs (weimaraners and vizslas-very high...
  3. General Discussion
    So okay, we're watching a friend of mine's 3 month old puppy. We're unsure what breed she is, but she -looks- like an American Pitbull Terrier. My friend bought her from a couple of people who weren't cut out to be dog-parents, who literally let the pup jump out the car window at a restaurant...
  4. General Discussion
    I dont kno which one my boy hates the most, he wants to chase everyone he see's!! But the lady on my street has a bunch of cats and she never takes them in the house they just roam the neighborhood all day kinda hard to avoid them
  5. Pictures
    Well this is cali and crush's response to the cat laying across the street { cat just laid there almost teasing them lol} And then on the walk in the forest we came across this weird looking squirrel lol.
  6. General Discussion
    Hi there. My name is Brittney and this is my first time in these forums and I wanted an opinion. I also apologize if this has been discussed before. I used the search feature and found a similar piece but it didn’t really cover what I am curious about in particular. I’d like to think of myself...
  7. Pictures
    While we are down at my girlfriend's house this weekend, Whit discovers one of the cat toys that has a mouse on a wheel that spins around when hit. Well the terrier in him just HAD to get that mouse no matter what!
  8. BSL Discussion
    CA: L.A. - Considers Increasing the # of Dogs & Cats That Can be Owned by Residents L.A. considers increasing the maximum number of dogs and cats that can be owned by residents September 22, 2010 | 5:50 pm We've heard from a number of L.A. animal lovers that they'd love to take in another dog...
  9. General Discussion
    I've heard several different things and was just wondering about all your opinions. Can a cat and pit live harmoniously under the same roof? I've heard never trust a pit alone with any other animal or child and i've heard they can be fine if brought up and tought. I am new to the breed and...
  10. Pictures
    Well if they are then be sure to say hi to Sibera The White Tiger! He lives with his cousin Tyberis (the lion cub), and is Rascal's most coolest pal out of the whole bunch! He loves grabbing and playing with Cat Tails. Why?...maybe because they're "Cat" Tails :rofl: Okay...So here he is! Like...
  11. General Discussion
    I think cat's are allowed to get away with too many things. Why can they and dogs can't? I'm posing this question. Why is it acceptable for a cat to roam the neighborhood free, without human supervision, off leash. And if the cat is attacked by a dog... then it was the dog is to blame. I don't...
  12. General Discussion
    I saw this on another website and thought I'd share It's good info to have :D Has any one ever done this? CPR for Cats & Dogs CPR for cats and dogs is similar to CPR for humans. These directions assume the animal is unconscious and the risk of being bitten by the animal is not present 1...
  13. Pictures
    How many of you have tough cats that wish they were dogs? Both my cats think they're so tough. Post up your tough kitties. Here's Aryan tearing down ribs with Dosia. Here's one of Darkness sneeking up on the crunchies. He push his fat head in there and steal the bowl if I don't watch him. lol
  14. Pictures
    but I love pics with kittens/cats and our dogs so you should post yours up. :D
  15. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I guess cats do have some personality. Whether or not you are a feline fantastic you should get a kick out of this video where one cat has been caught cheating on his lady http://lovinpitts.blogspot.com/2009/10/so-maybe-cats-are-alright.html
  16. General Discussion
    Well i was in a convo with a complete stranger. they asked if i was going to breed onyx i said HECK NO! they asked why and i got all into apbt overpopulation and poor breeding. they then told me if my dog still has his jewels i need to breed him or else it is cruel not to. then somehow he got...
  17. General Discussion
    How many people here have cats living at home together with their a.p.b.t ? I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. Poppy is the eldest and does nothing at all with the cats, she acts as though the cats aren't even there (poppy is a jack russell/greyhound cross). Then, there is Jaz, a.p.b.t puppy. She is...
  18. General Discussion
    Does anyone know a non lethal way to get rid of stray cats? My great grandmother has a problem with strays that sleep on and underneath her car.I live a couple hours away from her so I can't really help her get rid of them so I want to give her a couple of tips.
1-18 of 30 Results