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  1. General Discussion
    ... He has such shiney white teeth. :D As good as it gets.
  2. General Discussion
    who thinks ceaser millan is a real good dog trainer..who agrees with his methods?
  3. General Discussion
    Ceaser is going to have to be put down as much as I hate to type these words. My daughter was walking by him and he just up and starting growling and showing his teeth. When I went to go get him he then tried to turn on me. I had to grab him and pen him down on the ground till my son could get...
  4. General Discussion
    Well we went to the vet this morning. Ceaser loves his vet, thank god. I believe it is the biscuits they give him for being a good boy. Ceaser has a real bad bacterial ear infection in his left ear. She prescribed him Mometamax (has anyone ever used this med?) and some pain medication. He had to...
  5. General Discussion
    Well Ceaser is FIXED!!!!!!! Just picked him up from the vets and he is not happy yall. He will not even come to me. Just looks at me like " WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME"....Poor baby, but he will be a much happier dog in the long run. Now I do not have to worry about my legs being molested!!
  6. Pictures
    Here are a few pics of my guys. We were cleaning capets, so I put Ceaser in his outdoor kennel and decided to take a couple a pics. These pics were took about a week before he got hurt.
  7. Pictures
    This is pics of my last litter I had. This is the litter we kept Ceaser from. This is King, the daddy Ceaser when he was a pup Only brindle in the bunch- I luved this pup
1-8 of 8 Results