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  1. Pictures
    I came across a great website showing positive images of APBT (and a few bullies :D ) in todays advertising. here are a few of the ones on the site. Just thought I would share! Hyundai Kroger Milkbone Old Navy Ad Sketchers Scotch Tape Lowe's (also starred in a commercial) Credit...
  2. General Discussion
    Alright so it's not the atomic dog thread but it is something I REALLY think could help Pitbull's find homes. It is obvious to me as one who breeds that some families don't understand why American Pitbull Terriers/Bullies are the most popular breed in America. I highly doubt it has to do with...
  3. Pictures
    This is Riot and General messing up the living room. They tore up paper and toys and knocked stuff down..... how long is she suppose to be a puppy? LOL
1-3 of 5 Results