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  1. Obedience Training
    Hello, So exactly by this time next month me and my dog are attending to an obedience trial, if we succeed we will get an obedience certificate which is always a big bonus since my country discriminates so much my dog's breed. I'll post some pics and videos soon :-)
  2. General Discussion
    wus up yall i lost my puppy certificate never got to register him, im wondering can the ukc do a dna test to prove that he is of that litter and then be able to register him. please help thanks alot.
  3. Obedience Training
    Little Miko is growing up so fast! She just finished her puppy class and passed her Star Puppy test with flying colors. We start a gateway course next Monday, it's just a 4 week program to strengthen focus before we move on to the next level of Obedience (basically strengthening what we learned...
  4. Health & Nutrition
    I'm trying to get Rockie snipped, as everyone knows, vets are expensive. Can anyone guide me to where i can get a discount certificate in the Upstate New York area, or how i can go about getting it done for free. Thanks
  5. Pictures
    so I checked the mail today and guess what Orion got in the mail?? That's right his certificate from the ATTS for passing. HEre he is posing proudly with his TT and CGC certificates :D I am so super proud of him, is nice to have amutt with a title :D and just for fun here is the white...
  6. General Discussion
    hEy guys.! I really need to do this and I’ve been taking forever already with work and school going on.. but I need to transfer ownership from the previous owner to me. But before I do so, I got a few questions.! .?? on the back of the form; -four, six, seven generation pedigree.? Which one...
  7. Obedience Training
    The AKC offers a Certificate for Canine Good Citizen. I believe this is a necessity for everyone to try to achieve. Very important for the breed, this is one way to fight the BSL. Here's a link to the AKC's site that discusses it. AKC's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Program These are the "key...
1-7 of 7 Results