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  1. General Discussion
    I think this is the worst product I've seen in a long time and I'm curious what others have to say. First, we all know that dogs can't pant in these kinds of muzzles, so they're useless or harmful in regards to walks and other exercise. Second, the "cute" patterns will probably ATTRACT children...
  2. General Discussion
    PLease please please check out this link where another trainer makes comments about what's really going on, same video as below but with comments...... VERY eye opening. Holly -Body Language dissected | Facebook If you can't view this one then see the video below. I absolutely love this...
  3. General Discussion
    Who do you prefer and why? Personally, I prefer Victoria because she is no nonsense, cut the BS, see through the lies, honest, straight to the point type of trainer. Cesar says he rehabilitates dogs,and trains people, but she does the same thing, with more effective results, IMO.. who's...
  4. General Discussion
    I don't know how this video at the end of the post passes as "training" in any circles, nor why National Geographic would let these examples of abuse stand as acceptable dog training practice, compounding the wrong by allowing them to be aired for public consumption. Money changes everything...
  5. General Discussion
    if a professional dog therapist can't stop the obvious from happening, what would you do at the dog park, or say a stray dog runs up on you while your walking? will you be ready to stop it once it starts? please, share some incite as to what one should do in this situation.
  6. Adopt a Bulls
    Cesar is available for adoption. please contact me for details
  7. General Discussion
    I haven't seen the show. But from what I've read... I've formed a negative opinion. Well he came up on a parenting message board that I joined. And surprise... everyone thinks he's great. I said I've never seen the show but from what I've heard I thought he was just simply got lucky with having...
  8. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    According to the NY Times article about Cesar Millan. His lawyer is none other than the Almighty Himself! Staffy Lovin: Cesar Millan's Lawyer is a God... Literally!
  9. Obedience Training
    This whole thing with Leno and Chris Rock got me wondering if Cesar Millan had anything to say. So I check out his website and didn't find anything about thursdays Leno Show, but I did see that he has a something new called sessions with Cesar which is an online dog school basically. Well for...
  10. General Discussion
    I was thinking that maybe since Pit Bulls are one of Cesar's favorite dogs we could all send afew letters and ask him to help us out in saving this breed! The reason I though about this is because SO many people look up to him and respect his thought, opinions and what he has to say. What you...
  11. General Discussion
    Cesar Millan: Famous Dog Trainer, but Not All Experts Follow His Lead 25 January 2007 Download Audio - MP3 Listen in RealAudio HOST: Welcome to AMERICAN MOSAIC in VOA Special English. I'm Doug Johnson. On our show this week: report about a world famous expert on dogs. The Dog Whisperer...
  12. General Discussion
  13. Positive Pitbull News
    Hey Pit Lovers, This guy was featured in Newsweek and trained Oprah's cocker spaniel on her show, while his "pack" of a pit and other dogs watched off-leash. He trained star dogs like Will Smith's Rottweilers and other famous folks too. I watched him on tv and print with various so called...
1-14 of 15 Results