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  1. Pictures
    What do y'all think about this kennel? The website doesn't have pics for all of their dogs, and they only put up the pedigrees of the breedings not the individual parents, sketchy? Their dogs kinda look more XL/XXL American Bully to me. I see a lot of other breeders have their dogs. Legit APBT...
  2. General Discussion
    So I have a small fence that Gargamel could easily jump. He is never in the yard without me. I have made do with having a 50 foot lead that get tangled and is starting to wear. before that I went through 2 cable's that were supposed to be rated for dogs up to 100lbs and 150lbs, but Mel...
  3. General Discussion
    Hello, as some of you know I will be keeping my dog tied outside, everything is set up and ready but I cant seem to find a grade 70 chain to use, he's only 5 months old so atm I am using a 5/16 grade 30 chain but obviously once hes bigger I would like to use a grade 70 chain, any ideas where I...
  4. General Discussion
    I have a dog kennel and wanting to cover the roof and chain link sides with pro panel but not sure how to ty it to the chain link can you guys post some pics of covered kennels that are chain link thanks
  5. General Discussion
    Im looking for some ideas for a good chain setup. I know about the axle in the ground with a logging chain, but is there anything else I could use? My new dog is going to be kept outside most of the time. He is on a runner right now, but I dont trust it. He is pretty strong. What kind of pole...
  6. Pictures
    17lb chain drag and he took it like a champ. (this is a video, click to watch) "] And here is some springpole work from earlier (this is a video, click to watch) "] Just another day of working out for the boy.. the day also included an hour hand walk, incline e-mill, and some...
  7. General Discussion
    Hey guys, so as some of you know I chain Tika as she looses her bloody little mind if left in the house for more than… 5 mins at a time lol. Well anyway I just bought an actual chain for her, as before I was using a cable set up (inappropriately of course :p ) and I was not comfortable AT ALL...
  8. General Discussion
    which do you think is better for the dog? and why? getting idea for my new yard. thank you. :pup:
  9. Positive Pitbull News
    I found this on my facebook page and i wanted to share this with all of you....please sign this petition!!! Petitions by Change.org<a>|</a>Start a Petition »
  10. General Discussion
    Ok, Ive posted two other questions on this forum with plenty of help. first off thanks. But i would like you guys to be updated (actually i jus want to show my beautiful pitbull off and i have a Chain question. Now in theese pictures you will see a dog house,I am not much of a builder but i...
  11. General Discussion
    I know it's not the best chain in the world, but I've used them in the past with him and he's NEVER broken one ever. So I trust it and I shouldn't have to worry about tangling due to the fact that it's attached to a zip-line. And if some of you remember he was attached to a cable and I noticed...
  12. Bloodline Discussion
    I am looking for a pup and I have come across alot of good looking dogs, but I came across these two just a little while ago. Any input on Anchor Chain Kennels or yipyipdog.com. Anchor Chain seems to have the better put together dogs, but like I said any input on these?
  13. General Discussion
    I live in VA where the weather changes alot. I was wondering if you all kept your dogs outside no matter the temperature.
  14. General Discussion
    I just bought a 7WX13Lx 6H dog kennel for 75 bux!!!! its a pet smart or pet safe, somethign like that the boxs sittin outside but i just put the frame together. its got a hole in the door chain link, obviously from the pervious owners dog lol. so my question is, is it worth it to put on the...
1-14 of 32 Results