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  1. Pictures
    Champ still hanging in there! He went for a walk with my son the other day, it's the first time he felt good enough to actually leave the yard since the fall. He turns 11 in a couple weeks and has been pretty crippled since he's a pup. I never thought he would last as long as he has, must be...
  2. Pictures
    Give me your honest opinion about my boy.
  3. Pictures
    Mr. Champy at 27 weeks, 6.2 months. And about 30ish lbs of puppy power muscle! Gonna start calling him Scrappy Doo :p Stack picture taken at 26 weeks old.
  4. Pictures
    Hello everyone, this is Boss and his dad Champ, Again, we called the ADBA last week, and they informed that it will be 4-6 wks. before his papers arrive, but nevertheless, we are so excited:) because we get alot of questions about Boss and his parents. ( bloodline, ect...) and to be honest, we...
  5. Pictures
    We had another pup come through here and I grabbed a couple pics of him with Champ. He was only around for a week and I really miss this little guy. But it is puppy season and its only getting worse with constant requests to take dogs growing everyday, i cant extend myself that much. Champ is...
  6. General Discussion
    Such a cool dock diving dog! I love how much the owner obviously loves his boy! !
  7. Pictures
    champ just turned 9mnths and rocky is a little over 3mnths
  8. General Discussion
    Im Not Gonna Lie I know Very Little How Is a Pitbull Determined Champ Or Grand Champ What Do They do or what do they have to do?
  9. Health & Nutrition
    Well the good news is Champ got his cast removed today. He is still carrying the leg though. The vet says it is normal and he obviously isn't in any pain. I'm just curious as to whether or not anyone has any first hand experience with a dog healing from a broken leg and if so how long before...
  10. Bullies 101
    I love this dog and I was extremely happy to see he GR CH this weekend; he definitely deserves this title! SAY HELLO TO THE NEW ABKC GRAND CHAMPION GATEKEEPER OF LUNARGOD KENNELS CONGRATULATIONS! His wins that led up to his GR CH title: FLORIDA SPRING FLING ABKC JUDGE JOHN EASTERLY...
  11. Pictures
    It is official we have our first Champion. Luciano is now an ABKC Champion @17 months
  12. Pictures
    I post some new pictures of champ in my photo album. Check him , his mom and his brother out and please leave me a comment. He's now 2 1/2 months old and becoming a new prodigy of his dad and mom, Falins blue demond and snows blue brownie.
  13. Pictures
    ok so i got champ for a protection dog hes full blooded APBT hes 5 months old and weights 40 pounds his parents look nice with big heads and weight about 70 pounds. my question is how big IN INCHES do you think his head will be when hes full grown another dog breeder said maybe 24 inches what do...
  14. Pictures
    just a few shots from yesterday with my bud working in the yard. hes been healthy long enough to get some weight off him recover from his acl's.
  15. Pictures
    I first met him in the shelter when he was 3 months old. he had been tossed out of a car and run over by another. the poor dude was stuck under the car and burned by the exhaust and busted up real bad. I really couldnt stand to look at him cause he was so messed up but he was always happy every...
  16. Pictures
    they were ready to go outside!!!
  17. Pictures
    Ok.. So Jaime and I had our friend Hillary visit from Texas.. And we spent the weekend with her. She came by herself, but left with a puppy..lol :woof: We were at Old Paris Flea Market in Oklahoma City on saturday and right before we hit the parking lot to leave, we noticed a whole row of cars...
1-17 of 25 Results