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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    First and foremost I am 100% against dogfighting - I think it's disgusting. However, I am intrigued. Pit bull type dogs were originally, for the most part, bred to fight other dogs. Now, given that dogfighting is illegal, have breeders opted for other characteristics when it comes to breeding...
  2. General Discussion
    had a great show weekend last weekend!! came home with 3 best of opposite trophies and 2 plaques... a pile of ribbons and.... 2 new champions!! CH muffin and CH sable! woohoo!
  3. General Discussion
    Ok anyone know any UKC CH or GRCH males who are blue tris the reason i'm asking is i know the owner of the first blue tri UKC GRCH female just trying to do some research that has me curious.
  4. General Discussion
    I have been looking and searching... I would really like to see some pics of some CH's through UKC, but I can't seem to find anything..
  5. Bullies 101
    273 CHAMPS & 39 GRAND CHAMPS -Congrats to to all! GR CH Kitana GR CH Izzy GR CH Charlie Sheen Superbad GR CH Stackz of UNY Bullies GR CH Beastro of the Bully Market GR CH Delaloma-RE SSK Blade GR CH Homie of The Bully Market GR CH King Titus 300 GR CH Rockstar GR CH Princess of Soul Edge GR CH...
  6. Pictures
    We are very proud to announce that Pratt's Ooh-Rah of Semper Fi has earned his Grand Champion title at Bullymania I. He won the champion class in the first show to earn his final leg towards his GRCH title then came out in next show to win Best in Show. This boy is a hell of a bully specimen...
  7. The Pitbull Lounge
    Anyone here watch soccer... just wanted to know if anyone had a special team they were rooting for or wants to talk about some soccer
  8. Bloodline Discussion
    I am not trying to be a$$ or anything but can you explain to what shows are these people winning to have Ch. behind these Razor Edge style dogs. I keep seeing Champion blood this and that but I have never seen these dogs except once at ADBA show. I have only made it to one UKC and one AKC which...
1-8 of 16 Results