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    We have had our husky/pit mix Odin for about two and a half weeks now. He just turned four months yesterday. My biggest fear is that when he his 'that age' he will become turned on. We also have a Corgi and three cats that Odin does well with though he can definitely be a bit more rambunctious...
  2. General Discussion
    Hello all! I'm new here! Just a couple of quick questions that maybe some of you could help me with! First off, I'm moving into a new place shortly and (with the landlord's blessing of course) I'm looking into getting a Pit. I've fallen in love with a boy at the shelter here. My main concern is...
  3. General Discussion
    I was jst wondering what my chances will be to win shows if I'm not able to get my dogs ears cropped? I know it's not a requirement but it's preferred by most judges!! So does anyone out there have a champion/grand champion or know someone who does that has pics?
  4. General Discussion
    got my dog's ears cropped..and the vet told me to take off the bandages after 2days..is it safe for my dog to run around the house and yard?without any bandages?
  5. General Discussion
    My girlfriend just called me and told me she dont want me to get a pitbull anymore bc her aunt and uncle had one and it atttack their little boy last night. they said it was just sitting on the couch and the boy walked by and the dog jumped on it. i dont even know if it was a true pitbull. but...
1-5 of 6 Results