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  1. Pictures
    I haven't posted any newer pics in quite a while so I thought I might as well update a bit. Charlie is almost two now and just got finished with a course of antibiotics for a skin infection so he isn't exactly in peak condition but nothing a little working won't take care of. :)
  2. Pictures
    Here is my pit Charlie at 4.5 months. How does he look? :)
  3. Pictures
    Nice to see that theres a forum dedicated to people who have pitbulls. I bought my pit recently. Readon being that as a kid I used to have a staffordshire bull terrier (slightly smaller than pit bulls) and his personality was awesome. So I decided to go for a pitbull. Here is the little guy...
  4. Conditioning
    I just started conditioning my dog Charlie, so I figured I would post weekly updates. Before (He was WAAAAYYYY over weight): Currently he weighs 73 lbs:
  5. Pictures
    My daughter and a friends pup CeeCee :)
  6. General Discussion
    Does anyone know a good vet in the Arlington tx area that would do a great job with ear cropping? Thanks in advance :snap:
  7. Pictures
    Here is a few more pics of the puppy I took yesterday. just bought her a brand new harness. Also a picture of her super baller custom made doggie bowl. And her super baller custom Doggie Bed.
  8. Pictures
    Well the time has come and we are looking for Charlie a new home. No fault of her own, she is a great dog out of our dogs. We got her on a pup deal after we sold our foundation dogs but alas she just hangs out in the yard. She just turned a year old. She is out of OFK's Notch and Falins...
  9. Pictures
    Thanks LR for taking the pictures! Thanks to the Stephenson's for their daughter lol. Was a great weekend, and I hope Varro and Barca are in 18-24 for nationals..... We didn't place but had fun.
  10. Pictures
    Well I have been very busy lately with schoold but have kept up my late night lurking. I visited LadyRampage awhile back and she took a couple of pictures of Charlie, poor guy was in a bit of an awkward spot at the time, but he is getting more proportionate and his chest seems to be getting...
  11. Pictures
    First real snow in Tn that I can recall around our house. Usually just a dusting to 2 inches, this time we got 6. Dogs had never seen it! Charlie and Goose Goose Charlie
  12. Pictures
    Here are a few pictures of Charlie most are from my iphone so quality is bad! The ones with him in an orange collar are from his breeder, and naturally she is a better photographer then me haha! He is around 7 months old now but in these pictures he ranges from 4-7 months old. Hope you all enjoy!
  13. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    OMG i LOVE this commercial! Me and Jasper pretend like we hillbillies and clap to it :clap: and just get crazy
  14. General Discussion
    Charlee Bear sent me a short survey and said the first 15 people to reply would get some free treats so I replied and received this email today: Pretty cool! :woof:
  15. General Discussion
    I'll post pics of my deaf puppy Kilo when i get some.
1-17 of 17 Results