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  1. Health & Nutrition
    It's been awhile since I have posted but I'm back with another question. Normally I feed my dog Diamond Grain Free dog food but sometimes I get caught in-between paydays and Thor runs out of food. I am looking for the best cheapest dog food to buy just for those times. It doesn't happen a lot...
  2. Pictures
    Ok so I made a springpole for indica i took 3 industrial bungee cords, bent the clip parts in, then used clips and wove them all together like a rope duck tape incase the dog accidentally bites the metal any ideas to make it better? with a 5 foot chain to hang this from, it came to under 20$
  3. General Discussion
    I used to own 2 rots before I moved and now I just brought a baby pit to the home. I forgot the sites I used to have... Anyone here have favorite pet stores online for clothes, accessories(food, toys, clothes, medication, etc..) Please share...!!
  4. Conditioning
    im looking for a cheaper harness. looking to pay around 50 including shiping
  5. Health & Nutrition
    For those that don't know if you have a bitch in season you can give her liquid chlorophyll daily and your males will not freak out! lol Chlorophyll is a natural body deodorizer and makes the female almost undetectable to intact males. Now you don't want to keep a female in season away from an...
  6. Raw Foods
    I love having so many great dogmen (of different breeds) to learn from down here. I was talking to my Sch trainer about feeding raw and how I have been giving activia for the probiotic and wanted to make sure I was on the path. He has been feeding raw for years and we were all talking about how...
  7. Do-it-Yourself
    This is a pic heavy post with a how to video at the bottom. Next summer keep your dogs comfortable for cheap! Staffy Lovin: Air Conditioned Dog House for Cheap
  8. General Discussion
    Just kidding, please join our discussion on simplifying the raw diets for people interested in making the switch. It is on the health and nutrition section !! :woof:
  9. Health & Nutrition
    Heartguard is the biggest rip off in the pet industry if you didn't know there are cheaper alternatives that work the same, now ya do! lol Many already know about giving Ivermectine for heartworm prevention but they might be overdosing the dog by giving 1% ivermectin. This is a cheap place that...
  10. Raw Foods
    I am on a another forum and so many of you have concerns about food and what to feed and what not to feed. Plain and simple RAW is the best food period and most of you have only one,two or three dogs and this is a really cheap way to feed. I don't agree with all of the things this man says...
  11. General Discussion
    Hey everybody, i got this stand at ikea for $6.00 and both plastic bowls for $2.00. So i got everything for $8.00 plus tax.
  12. General Discussion
    Hello, I think about getting me pitbull. I'm currently trying to figure out how to best keep it. I cannot have inside pets, so I want to keep it in the yard. I cannot spend much money for a fence, but I want some way that 1. allows the dog to use pretty much the whole yard (not that big anyway)...
1-12 of 18 Results