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  1. Vendor Deals
    Want to WIN a Bullibone Assortment Box that helps keep your dog's mouth clean and fresh and also benefits Wounded Warrior Project? Check out this awesome giveaway to give your pup the most fun and freshest breath, while giving back to a worthy cause...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys! Super new here, my boyfriend and I have a boxer pitt mix (Jackson) who we definitely struggle with. My boyfriend got Jackson before we were dating at around a month old. (I know that is extremely young!!) Jackson is a totally sweetie when he wants to be and a total jerk when he wants to...
  3. General Discussion
    My dog can literally destroy any toy i throw at him. Need some suggestions for long lasting toys besides bones. Ive tried those fire hose ones. The black kong doesnt really workout since he doesnt like peanutbutter ): i know weird. But yea just looking for some chewing toy suggestions. Thanks...
  4. Health & Nutrition
    Ms. Belle absolutely loves ice. Anytime she hears the ice machine, she runs into the kitchen for a cube. Is this ok? I know for humans, ice is not good to chew on b/c it can ruin the enamel. Is the same true for dogs? Thanks in advance.
  5. Misc. Dog Activities
    My Buddy is about two years old and loves to chew and chew and chew. Fortunately for us he has stopped chewing everyone's shoes and sticks with his toys. Our prob with that is he has no problem destroying a toy in 4.5 seconds....I've tried most of the kong toys that seem to slow him down but I'm...
  6. General Discussion
    I used to buy echo this wooden chew at petco that would last for 2 1/2 but it's expensive. I was wondering what would be another good chew toy? I've been looking at some antlers but I'm not sure if that's good or off echo would like it. Any suggestions? Thanks. Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  7. Pictures
    Onyx has been in hog heaven the last couple of weeks!
  8. General Discussion
    I'm trying to keep Luna 110% grain free which includes treats and bones etc and I ran across these Himalayan bones. Anybody have any experience with these? Looks as though they are made from Yak and Cow milk, salt and lime juice. I'm just looking for an alternative to bully sticks and antlers as...
  9. pitbull behavior
    bella is now 6 weeks. very playful, hyper and cute. but watching her play with her chew yous is a little nerve wrecking. she attacks them to the point that my family is scared to go near her. i figured it's normal, but now i'm wondering. is it normal for her to show such aggression so young?
  10. pitbull behavior
    I have a 15 week old puppy who doesnt chew his food, he will eat everything hole and will end up choking on his food. My Question is what can i do to get him to chew
  11. Obedience Training
    ok so i have my puppy hachet.. hes already potty trained and rarelyhas a accident in the house anymore, but he still chews on the couch when im not thier.. what is the best chew spray to use or what worked the best? any info or input will be aprecieated thanks.
  12. Pictures
    Diesel watching me replace the sprinkler valves he chewed up as a pup... for some reason i think he knew it was because of him.. he sat and watched me the entire time w/ this look on his face.. lol
  13. General Discussion
    I think there is no such thing for our pets. What can I get KJ to play with, while he is in the cage. Something he not going to eat. I say that cause everything I pull out his cage is have gone or in little pieces LOL. The guy @ the pet shop told me smoke bones, :confused:I don't want him to...
  14. Pictures
    It's been HOT! But Chewee is cool in his winter time pic...
  15. General Discussion
    Hello Everyone. This is my first day as a member of gopitbull and I would like to add my two cents worth to the topic Sleeping With Your Dog. My 80lb, American Bulldog, Belle sleeps with me in "MY BED" every night. I trained Belle in the very start of sleeping on the bed that it was my decision...
  16. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    i've got the extreme kong toys for my boy sonny he's a chewer and i've been more than fortunate about leaving him at home in the in the laundry area it's a big space and all the laundry stuff are on shelfs on the wall. i've also left him in my room these past days cause of the hot weather here...
  17. Health & Nutrition
    Aside from Kong & Nylabone Can you guys think of any other chews made in the USA? I was searching through our petsmart & all the puppy chew toys with soft parts are made in CHINA. it was ridiculous... I refuse to buy anything for my dogs unless it's made in USA, which left me with puppy kong...
  18. General Discussion
    I heard about this from a friend. It's made from yaks or cows milk, lime Juice, and salt. It's super hard when it's dry and supposedly gives your dog hours of entertainment trying to chew through it. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of it, an if anyone would buy it for their pit? Lol...
1-18 of 27 Results