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  1. Pictures
    Well I'm a little late, But my Cheza turned 3years April 3rd. She is absolutely the best dog I could have ever owned and turned into just an amazing companion! I can't believe she is the same at deaths door pup I rescued at 6 weeks. Cheza at 6 weeks Recent pics of my girl
  2. Pictures
    So I've been gone awhile but figured I'd post some pics of Cheza, if you're on my facebook sorry I know ya'll have seen these before. Cheza is now 2 1/2 years old and seriously has turned into the best dog ever. Her drive is crap so I never got into Schutzhund with her but that's ok I am...
  3. Pictures
    Aireal commissioned me! She requested her precious Cheza, and here she is! :) If you'd like some art let me know. Isn't she a gorgeous Pibble? Thanks for looking! :woof:
  4. Pictures
    Got Cheza a new leather specialty collar this weekend and i LOVE IT!!!:woof::woof::woof:
  5. Pictures
    Cheza at my moms, we call it our dog park with as many as we all have together lol this would have been great if i would have gotten her intire body in it cheza doing some tracking lol i wish man my girl has grown up! 6 months old can't wait to see how she turns out, I...
  6. Health & Nutrition
    My roomate called me at work today to tell me she brought Cheza to the vet, says when she brought her outside to use the bathroom she wasn't acting right so she took her temp and it was 98.9. Well since i got to the vet (the doc had already gone home... wasn't there when she showed up) =X she...
  7. Pictures
    i just can't get over how cute thery are lol
  8. Pictures
    So they are def shorter than I had anticipated but pretty much exactly like the pic I brought in, I guess there going to be shorter than show but hey she will still look good once they are standing ok so some before and afters, and please remeber this is onlt the first day this is not what they...
1-8 of 8 Results