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  1. Pictures
    Since we're still waiting on our new furniture to come in tomorrow I decided to take the opportunity to take some more pictures lmao. I love my dogs! I know these pictures really look like 2 dogs arguing but they aren't. They are totally silent no growling and tails wagged the entire time. They...
  2. Pictures
    Chico 1 Yr 1 MO 74 Lbs 21" tall at withers Here he is at a local ibkc dog show :) Let me know what you think!
  3. Events, Results & Photos
    Online Registry is up Splash Dogs - North State Sportsman Expo 2012 Registration We plan on being there all day Sunday, we'd love to meet anyone who plans on coming out. Quite excited, I believe several members from here plan on attending as well.:woof:
  4. Pictures
    Whats up, I havent posted for a while, I made a thread a few years ago of my boy weezy when I just got him at 3 months, now he is almost 4 and here are some new updated pics. I also Adopted another male Chico from a shelter close to where I Live, he is about two years old now, and he is the best...
  5. Pictures
    Here ya go! a few shots from today..
  6. Pictures
    Decided to share a picture with all of you (:
  7. Pictures
    8 weeks 10.4 LBS.
  8. Pictures
    Finally had some time to take some pictures.....but it was raining out side so took some shots of my two bullies and my 3 year old nephew around the house.
  9. Pictures
    My brother and I took Chico to the bully show at the Cow Palace in Daly City for his first bully show, we entered him in the fun classes just to see how he would do. Chico behaved excellent :) Here is Chico against his age class Here is Chico against the adult Gotti-line class Over all...
  10. Pictures
    Went to see if our fat bullies had any chance against Jack Rabbits... ***NO JACK-RABBITS WERE HURT OR KILLED***
  11. Pictures
    Max acting like a diablo
  12. Pictures
    Chico Update "After Ear Crop" So what color is he? Well here is Chico at @ 14 weeks, almost four weeks after his ear crop, all his hair hasn't grown back but i had to share what he is looks like... Let me know what you think
  13. Pictures
    Finally got Chico's Pedigree in the mail...now in a few months he will be out in the ABKC show ring after his ear crop This may be Chico's last picture for a while
  14. Pictures
    so here are some pics of my dog chico...I think he might be a miniature pitbull lol
  15. Pictures
    This is my dog he is about 6 1/2 years old, he stands around 13 inches in height and weights about 15lbs
  16. Pictures
    My girlfriend took some nice shots of Chico, Brad and Zoe yesterday in the snow. Here's some of my Bandogge, i'll get the others up soon too. Steve
  17. General Discussion
    I took these pics of Chico today while we were out for a walk. Sorry for the crappy cell phone quality This one is from a few weeks ago,
  18. General Discussion
    there are 5 females and 2 males they are ADBA registered, will be health certified, and garunteed, and all come with a puppy starter kit as well there are some already spoken for but a few are still available if anyone is interested they are chaos/watchdog bred here is the pedigree for the...
  19. General Discussion
    Chico is now 98lb stripped. Sadie is about 74lb. here`s some recent pics And one of the master of mischief. Good ole Bradders!
1-19 of 22 Results