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  1. Pictures
    Chief in car
  2. BSL Discussion
    Police Chief James Carmody plans review of Wyoming's dog laws Published: Tuesday, July 05, 2011 WYOMING -- Police Chief James Carmody is reviewing the city's dog laws in response to concerns about dangers posed by pit bulls and other breeds. Earlier this year, a Wyoming man needed surgery...
  3. Pictures
    lets try this again. if you still cant see thepics, i posted an album.
  4. Pictures
    Hope this works
  5. General Discussion
    Cant load any pics right now but he is doing great. Only thing is this snow is not going to make house breaking this Cali pup any easier ...lol. Thank goodness he is already crate trained.
  6. Pictures
    The is my 2yr old boy Chief, and the newest member of the family.
  7. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    whos da oldest ??? i am 22 ....DOB---- 5/26/1987
  8. General Discussion
    So, my girlfriend is in college and she had a speech class today. She chose to do a speech about the misunderstandings about our wonderful breed. She called her teacher and asked if she could bring Chief in with her and he said fine but she would have to be responsible for him if anything were...
  9. Pictures
    so I go outside to smoke a cigerette and yell for him in case he got out somehow, and this is what I find. Apperently, my son had his bedroom screen up cause he said no air was getting in, but whatever. I guess Chief decided to go check out the neighborhood from a higher level. I couldn't...
  10. Pictures
    New to the site so I thought I'd introduce my dog Chief and my son Kollin. Chief is my 16 month old APBT and Kollin just turned 1 yr old. Anyways, on with the pics. Any and all comments welcome and thanks for looking.
  11. Positive Pitbull News
    Dog Politics: Minority Report - NC Police Chief Wants Dog Owners Photographed & Kept In Registry Like Sex Offenders
  12. General Discussion
    Chief Red Bull! It's the name of a dog I've come to love over the past 6 months. He's been at our shelter for that long, and we are desperate to get him into a loving home that will cherish him for as long as he lives. He's 2.5, neutered, and wonderfully behaved. Very loyal and always...
  13. General Discussion
    does this sound ok guys? Hey mr. lawson, my name is christopher spence, i am 19 years old . i am a roanoke rapids citizen, and also a proud owner of an american pit bull terrier. I've been doing alot of reading lately about breed specific legislation, and every website i pull...
  14. Bloodline Discussion
    anyone ever heard of this Cherokee Chief bloodline and if so what is some info on it please?
1-14 of 15 Results