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  1. Pitbull Articles
    This from Good Morning America on ABC. Click HERE Joe
  2. The Family Room
    So I have never really been around this breed except for my sisters friend who had multiple litters and they were all one huge pack on attack mode. I didn't hang around them just ran through the room to get away from them. When I asked the owner what was up with the attack dogs her answer was...
  3. Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio
    Tuesday Night at 8pm!! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pit-bulletin-legal-news/2013/04/17/marthina-mcclay--pit-bull-and-chihuahua-training-rescue Attorney Fred Kray and the PBLNR crew will discuss with Marthina McClay Our Pack rescue which was originally for pit bulls but has recently added...
  4. Pitbull Articles
    This is a sad story and it goes to show you how ignorant the media truly is when it comes to any type of dog. This dog that was shot belonged to Dre from Reliance Kennels; however, the dog they named (and wrote about as if she was trash in my opinion) is not actually the dog that was shot. They...
  5. General Discussion
    So I just laughed my butt of for a good 15 or 20 minutes. We've had this chihuahua for about a year. It took her since almost a month and a half to get used to the new pup, but the past few days they have been playing. So today, they were play fighting for a good 15 or 20 minutes. Chihuhua was...
  6. Pictures
    Precious the demanding chihuahua This is how much she loves going on car rides or "going" as i say. and yes she does know what mcdonalds and pizza are.....
  7. Positive Pitbull News
    LITTLETON, Colo. -- A Littleton neighborhood is on edge after a coyote attacked and nearly killed a woman's dog Saturday morning. These attacks are becoming more and more common. According to the Colorado Division of Wildlife, in the wild where they are actively hunted and trapped, coyotes are...
  8. General Discussion
    So I went to the local animal shelter today with my mom. She wanted a new ankle biter. Anywho while I was there I seen about 6 pitbulls they were all so cute I wanted to take one home today but I already have 3 and really can't take on another one right now. It was so sad all of em just sitting...
  9. Health & Nutrition
    our Chi Bella got her rabies vaccine earlier today and she has been acting strange... really hyper and scratching at her face and we now noticed that her face looks swollen, cant tell of any other reactions at the moment but i'm hoping she will be ok
  10. Pictures
    Bernie was exhausted from a flirtpole session this weekend, you can see him sun tanning resting on his orthopedic bed =) Peanut's ancestors were hunting dogs I swear he has the sickest level of energy and drive he was also tired from flirtpoling and tug of war:roll:
  11. Pictures
    this is Samson and Soju.. Delilah is somewhere else sleeping... haha
  12. Pictures
    So the other thread inspired this. Yes Chihuahua's do pull we have one in our club that is 7lbs. She is wearing a training harness from Tablerock.
  13. Pictures
    I think Steph is right Josh lied to me. Tell me that dont look like Lil Blu Work for momma
  14. Pictures
    This is so funny and it shows how well a pit bull can get along with a toy breed. They are like siblings. They like to tear it up every once in a while. Interestingly enough, my chihuahua/min pin mix dominates my pit bull, lol. Although he does like to push his limits. Heres a video...
1-15 of 16 Results