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  1. Pictures
    I post a lot of stacked shots and stuff, but not to many of what they are normally up to lol They use to have a huge chair and do not understand laying on the floor lmao. This is a new concept to them and while Xena tried out an office chair for a bit she finally settled for the floor. Their...
  2. Pictures
    taking it easy is what they love doing the most. they are spoiled rotten and they know it
  3. Pictures
    been a minute since i've posted any pics of the dogs.. Diesel is thickening out a bit now, cant wait till he fully matures.. will post better pics later.. until then, i caught them chillin in the sun stayin toasty snuck up to the bathroom window, Daisy saw me instantly.. lol streeetttch...
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    This is where we watch people :)
  5. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
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    Was out front changing a flat tire, left Nala to enjoy some television, came back and she had just made herself as comfortable as possible...
  7. Pictures
    My boy Sully.....almost 7 months. Listen Dog, What do you want from me!!! aww look at that face my rope mama i'm trying to rest here night night
  8. Pictures
    My lil heart breaker:love:
  9. Pictures
    It was humid as hell and about 85 degrees in our area, so we decided to take a day of R and R... got some funny pics of my boy. P and Mike
1-10 of 10 Results