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  1. General Discussion
    Sorry if this has been posted. If you havent seen it please like the faceebook page. And sign the petition please. http://www.facebook.com/JusticeForChinoAndIvy/app_128953167177144 http://www.facebook.com/JusticeForChinoAndIvy WCNC.com | Charlotte Videos, Breaking News | WCNC.com | News for...
  2. Pictures
    It was a beautiful day outside last week so me and the g/f played with the dogs for most of the day. Here is a small clip of the action YouTube - Kana? u?ytkownika frshprince11111 Chino has gained a lot of lean muscle since i started working him out let me know what you think
  3. Conditioning
    Just moved into my house, and i rigged chino up a spring pole until i can build him proper one. What do you guys think? How important is the spring part? edit, this is only his 2nd time on a spring pole ever
  4. Health & Nutrition
    OK after reading and finding out that predigree is pretty much the worst dog food ever, i have switched to Wellness Core (protien-focused Nutrition) Chino weighs in at 65 pounds and dank is around the 100lbs mark How much do i feed them and do i still feed them twice a day.
  5. General Discussion
    Chino has gone into Full blown DA. Took him for a walk to today. Saw another lady walking by with her dog. So i pulled chino off to the side and made him sit. As soon as the dog came within distance of chino he lunged and i swear he was about 2 inches away from making contact. What...
  6. General Discussion
    Me and chino need to get some more exercise. I was wondering what kind of sport i could get him into. He has a VERY strong prey drive and has proven to be pretty tough, but im not sure i want to get him to hog hunting. I thinking along the lines of taking him to the weekly fox runs up in...
  7. General Discussion
    NEVER again!!! haha First let me set the mood Im a black man, with a white girlfriend with a pitbull and a golden retriever. Anddd im in the wilderness of west VA. Leaving jersey it takes about 7 hours to get there, only 4 of those hours are on a interstate, the other 3 are on back roads and...
  8. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Lol its funny now, but at the moment it was scary and hetic. Well let me tell you the story about how i got this gerbil. I have snakes, and my snakes eat live rodents. Well i had a python that was on a feeding strike and would not take her regular rats. So i went to the pet store and bought...
  9. General Discussion
    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!! Ok you can bash me now LOL
  10. Pictures
  11. General Discussion
    We need some SERIOUS work with this boy, but overall he did great! This was his first pull, and he was very excited. He kept wanting to go play with the other dogs :hammer: and his focus was a little off, as you can tell in a couple of the pictures. We entered him as a novice, so he could have 4...
  12. General Discussion
    Chino turns a year old today! We are both working, but tonight we will take some pictures of him with his birthday hat on and a steak! Pics to come, I promise ;)
  13. General Discussion
    So my buddy has decided that he's probably just going to keep Chino's littermate that came back to him. He's had him back for about a week and can't stop talking about him. He is a great looking boy, very sweet and full of energy. I met him last night, he actually has a lot better conformation...
  14. Pictures
    I figured i would just start this thread and add pictures of chino from time to time. Instead of making a new thread every time i snapped a good pic of him Let me know what you guys think of him
  15. Pictures
    He is a little on the skinny side. He weighs 62 pounds. I can feel ribs in him still so i have him on puppy chow to bulk him up a little bit. Just got him yesterday from a awesome family who just couldnt take care of him but enough talking...on with the pictures....The golden in the pictures...
  16. General Discussion
    No, no it hasn't happened yet so no pictures... We will be attending the Bull Dog Bash in Lone Grove, Oklahoma hosted by Jeremy Reed. This is an APA event, one of the biggest events in Oklahoma. After some training with my boy, we decided to see what he's got on the track. I feel like he's...
  17. General Discussion
    This was him in September, and I was trying to get him to eat an egg... :hammer: Now I am smarter, and he gets to eat it all crunched up out of a bowl... I don't know if he woulda ever gotten to it if I didn't start it up for him that day. I was lookin at some pics and came accross this oldie...
  18. General Discussion
    Well, as long as they are getting along, I thought it'd be ok.. So this morning we gave it a shot, brought the B.S. with me, just in case, and proceeded on our regular walk route. I feel so lucky to be in an area so accepting of this breed. It is Oklahoma State Law that states banning for a...
  19. Weight Pulling
    it was taken 10/27/09 on jaime's phone, and Ive been meaning to get it from there, but could only get a link.. I don't have Quicktime Pro so I couldnt save this as a file to put on youtube.... Alltel My Pics - thanks for watching!
1-20 of 37 Results