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  1. Health & Nutrition
    Has anyone had a micro chip migrate to the rib cage area and if so could you see it through the skin? I am not sure if the dog has a cyst or if its his micro chip that moved.. You can kind of see it in these pictures.. see the circle dot
  2. Bloodline Discussion
    Hi, I'm new here! So I want to apologise in advance if I say something wrong or am asking this question in the wrong place. I have a really gorgeous bluenose pit female. Her name is Twiggy. She is 5-7 years old. 72lbs, great muscle tone, great great great skin (NEVER had a hotspot), and very...
  3. Pictures
    Turkey sandwich meat + 2 chocolate chip cookies equals .... I do help him get his balance because I could tell he was going to sail right over the other side since he's so top-heavy, but once he finds his balance he sits all on his own. :) FYI, the width of the top of that stump is maybe a...
  4. Events, Results & Photos
    You can get your dogs chipped for 25 $ and a free tag for the collar at SPCA 60th and sherdian or pet co 96th and riverside!!!! Karma got hers today. No yearly fees just a 1 time charge of 25 dollars and took jus 5 min!!! Go get your micro chips!!
  5. Pictures
    Ok so here are 2 videos of bears reaction to a chip.
  6. General Discussion
    my dog has this corn chip smell to him no matter how much i bathe him it comes back...i figured it was the food i was feeding him...so im switching foods now but could it be sumthing else?
  7. General Discussion
    Ok I am guilty of sharing food with Helena. But Helena is an extremely picky begger. Don't get me wrong she will beg for anything. She sits at a safe distance and stares with big pleading brown eyes. Once you give her what you got, a chip, a cracker, a piece of broccoli, ham, chicken. She isn't...
  8. General Discussion
    Just got this from the AKC. I think im gonna do it. I already have their micro chip and with all the pittie thefts lately it may not be a bad idea. The one thing i dont like is i think its a collar, which a theif can take off and throw in the river. Id like to see this as a micro chip gps...
  9. General Discussion
    ok saphira is getting a micro chip put in this saturday when she gets her ears taped up. my question is do any one know if animal controll or the pound do they check for these devices. if my dog was to run away i dont want the pound to put my dog to sleep just cause of her breed and not check or...
1-11 of 11 Results