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  1. Pictures
    Hi guys I first signed up here about a year ago when I got my first pit. Here he is 1 year later. Still very energetic outside most of the day and sleeps indoors. Took the pictures yesterday I hadn't played with him and the flirt pole for a bit so he was ready to go! After looking at your guys...
  2. General Discussion
    Ya can't have just one LOL. I should've said bullies but it didnt have the nice ring to it. I just bought another bully possibly 2. I can't help myself I just love them. Her name is Envy. I gotta wait a week to pick her...
  3. General Discussion
    You can just have one :) My new saying when people think they have to get more than one pit bull :rofl:
  4. Pictures
    I couldn't resist!! Here she is, guys. The newest member of the family and Rossi's future wife. Meet Sadie. She's 6 weeks old and already weighs 8lbs. Isn't she gorgeous?? I threw in a few of her and Rossi playing too:
1-4 of 4 Results