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  1. Pictures
    Just curious what color He is considered.
  2. Pictures
    AND KANE LOOKIN OH SO CHEEZY and for kicks here is a shot of dinner for the next week :) lol
  3. Pictures
    King's photo journal: my growing APBT (ongoing updates!) UPDATED OCTOBER 15, 2014 - 19 & 20 MONTH PICS! POST #408 (click here) Hey guys! Not going to waste time with words, you can find the story on my boy King in my intro thread here...
  4. General Discussion
    Hello, I'm new to this site and don't know my way around very well yet. I recently adopted a pitbull puppy, she is now 8 months old. Both her parents were rescue pitbulls. I'm sure she's got something else in the mix though. The girl I got her from said the mom was 100% purebred american...
  5. Bloodline Discussion
    Hey, I was wondering if some of the experts on here could help me out. I understand that breeding for color isn't whats important but I am very curious. If I was to breed a Chocolate (choc nosed) with no white to a dark blue (blue nosed) with the irish spotting what could the pups potentially...
  6. Pictures
    Turkey sandwich meat + 2 chocolate chip cookies equals .... I do help him get his balance because I could tell he was going to sail right over the other side since he's so top-heavy, but once he finds his balance he sits all on his own. :) FYI, the width of the top of that stump is maybe a...
  7. Pictures
    new kittens they are wittle I MISS YA'LLLLL
  8. Pictures
    Ok it was soo nice out but muddy and yucky out at the same time :rofl: It has been raining and with the snow all melted away the backyard is yicky, but i wanted to get some outside pics so i did but on my brothers skatebording ramp :D LOL i think he;s trying to be a pointer? and his natural...
  9. Pictures
    Panzer! Always a mile a minute! Giving Trance love Yawn! Trapping the beast! Strike a pose Trapped again! Schweet Schweet Tranceman! Forced portrait lol
  10. Health & Nutrition
    My son left a little debbie brownie out and our puppy ate it he is now puking everywhere i know chocolate is poisonus to dogs what should I do i called my vet and he said to watch him and to let him throw it up. does anyone have any suggestions??? is this something i should be extremely worried...
  11. Pictures
    My fur children raising kain today. Tyce had fun today too, but he's DA so he doesn't get to have group playtime. Trance plays well with the youngsters. So here we go! Oh Mom the flash! >.< He's a GIANT puppy Thanks for looking!
  12. New Member Introductions
    So he is a red nose pit bull terrier. He is about a year and a few months old. We rescued him at when he was about 6 months old. He was beaten and was skiddish and scared of everything when we first got him. It took alot of time and love but he is a healthy happy puppy now. He is a pit and the...
  13. New Member Introductions
    Hey people im new to this forum so heres my introduction lol im aston 17 years young, music producer, dj, mc live in the northern hemisphere of the world, the milky way, the universe etc etc hhaha my favorate colour is green ... blah blah blah i have a chocolate apbt (11weeks): Sasha... will...
  14. Pictures
    Hi gopitbull users, i was told this dogs dad was possibly chocolate lab or at least half, i guess i can sorta see it, i think its fantastic if he is, i think it would be kinda neado. let me know what you guys think.
  15. Health & Nutrition
    my friends puppy ate a a square of caramilk bar. i dont think its anything serious because it wasnt a huge quantity but i just wanna hear ur opinions. the puppy is a chihuahua mix and is about 4 months old. Thanks!
  16. Pictures
    so Penny & I wanna know where all the Seal, Chocolate, ya that other color is.......
  17. Health & Nutrition
    first off is white chocolate even considered REAL chocolate. i ask cuz while i was at my moms with onyx i went to the bathroom. i come out and thier friends son is feeding onyx two handfuls of white chocolate. ofcourse i stopped him when i saw this. onyx is fine right now. but is white chocolate...
  18. General Discussion
    I know its just a color but are chocolate pits more rare than blues?
  19. Health & Nutrition
    Neela got ahold of 2 bags of Lindor Truffels and a whole bag of hersheys kisses last night... she is completely fine this morning which leads me to believe that we as human consumers are not eating chocolate anymore despite what the label says. No puke or poo was found this morning and she isn't...
1-19 of 27 Results