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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    We once rescued a Bulldog type breed years ago. And becasue of the landlords fear. And the fact the dog barked at her. Se had to find her a new home. Since then my wife has loved them buff looking Broad chested dogs. It really was a ideal "Nanny Dog". Well since then we now bought our own...
  2. Bloodline Discussion
    A friend of mine once told me "When you are looking for a good Show/Performance dog you should buy from the same places Breeders do." So, APBT breeders here...where do you buy your dogs? I am just curious. At my present home I dont have the space for a real bulldog but i would like to see what...
  3. General Discussion
    what toys do you guys have for your pitbulls? eveyrthing i buy they either destroy right away or eat and cause diharrea. what are your favorites? or should i say do your dogs preffer?
1-3 of 7 Results