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    I know he isn't a pit I just thought I would share.
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    I haven't been on here and posted anything for about a year or so. So i'm not sure if yall remember Chopper and Deuce as puppies but i'll post some semi recent pics of my babies so yall can see how handsome they both are. Chopper when he was 13 weeks Chopper now. Almost 3 years old. Halloween...
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    i bought chopper a huge stuffed duck and he is absolutely in love with it. He sleeps on it every chance he gets. If i can't find him he will be on the ducky. He was barking at the tv in this one. He was knocked out On our way to petco... Mom made me get this ridiculous outfit with ears...
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    I got a new puppy sat :] His name is Chopper. His bloodline is Lonzo, Eddington/Holts Vegas Red. He is 13 weeks old and weighs in at 13 weeks. He is such a little cutie patootie. He cuddles with me every night and follows me everywhere. His brown on him is a light brindle. It is absolutely...
1-4 of 4 Results