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  1. General Discussion
    Hello all. I teach at a community college in a Maryland county that has BSL. I got both my boys from a nearby county's Humane Society, where I volunteer. I would love to combine my love of the breed (and all dogs that need love) with my job--an English professor. One class where "community...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Hello everyone, I found this online I hope it helps anyone out there. Diamond Pet Foods Recall Class Action Settlement Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  3. General Discussion
    We are working on owner education in class and had to do breed power points. One of my fellow students who claims to know everything about "pit bulls" put this gem together The American Staffordshire Pit-bull Terrier
  4. Bullies 101
    He's 21" at the withers but is definitely not beefy enough to be considered extreme.
  5. General Discussion
    Sorry for the long post.. I attached pics as a thank you for reading :p There's something that's always weighed heavily on my mind since I first got my APBT 6 years ago. I found my dog rocky at 7 weeks old from a backyard breeder. The very next day I brought my dog Rocky with my sister to...
  6. Bullies 101
    My Harley is an American Bully, but he doesn't seem to fit any of the standards. His body structure is closer to APBTs. He is registered via ADBA, but I only still have those papers because I haven't registered him with ABKC, yet. I'm not planning on showing him...just curious! His peds...
  7. Pictures
    Josey having fun after obedience training class - Markim Pet Resort - San Diego
  8. Pictures
    Alice has been attending dock jumping classes for the past 6 weeks, she still isn't ready to even swim willingly, so I don't think it's her thing. But it was really good exposure to work on her dog-dog issues. I'll be getting her a weight pulling harness sometime this summer, I think she'll...
  9. General Discussion
    Since having my new job (only reason I can afford her lol) bit I just enrolled her in a 6 week group class with a cpdt certified trainer (the owner) 6 hour long class's for 150 thought of was a good deal. Supposed to be one of the best trainers here in austin! Very excited! Anyone else have any...
  10. Bullies 101
    I didnt know about the dog shows until after i got my boy but i was wondering what you guys thought? and what class would he go in the ABKC? i understand he might not be show quality im just looking for feedback thanks!!
  11. Pictures
    Dozer graduated from his intermediate training class last night at Petsmart. Here are a few pics of him. Next is his K-9 good citizen test :woof:
  12. Obedience Training
    Kane starts a 6-week CGC class tonight at 630 and I'm sooooo nervous. This is the first class we've ever taken--he didn't even get puppy classes! Everything he knows I've "home-schooled". I'm crossing all my fingers and toes, and making doubly sure to take his favorite treats (string cheese...
  13. General Discussion
    Alright Lauren did I use who's right? LMAO inside joke..... I started a puppy class today and I had a few pit bulls in class, a Lab, and a Great Dane. Guess who was the aggressive dog who threw a fit? The Lab! lol This Lab puppy has been use to getting her way and tonight we turned her world...
  14. Misc. Dog Activities
    This weekend my son and his dog River and I and Vendetta partook in a tracking class. We went to a seminar last year and had fun. I was doing well with her and then the snow came. I got out a couple of times this summer but the weather was yucky most of the time. We have had lots of rain this...
  15. General Discussion
    I was mailed this today. Hello Fellow Pit Bull Lovers! I am writing to you to gain support for my 16 year old son who is being forced by his High School English teacher to write a paper entitled, "People Should NOT own Pit Bulls". After my husband died, my family dived headlong into dog...
  16. Pictures
    The entire champion class for your viewing pleasure. Some are a lil blurry as I'm still learning my settings.
1-16 of 50 Results