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  1. Obedience Training
    I live in the bronx, I was wondering if anyone knows any affordable classes for my pup. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  2. Obedience Training
    I want my pup to know commands and listen, so I've been trying to do basic commands but it seems like he doesn't know or understand the words I'm saying. Nothing I do stop his behavior. When I stand up he run and hides. I don't like that. He needs to know that I'm safe... So how soon should...
  3. Pictures
    It was an awesome and successful wknd! I hung out with Coach and Ames all wknd and had some good times! Nadia's new pup, Pyra and Tuuwa became quick friends (for now) and enjoyed rough housing together and being pups! All 3 of our dogs placed! Here are some pics! I'll add more as I go :)
  4. General Discussion
    Yup onyx starts first of 7 classes towards his cgc. He should do very well with his experiences thus fsr. With plenty of reinforcing skills to what he knows now. The person that runs the class is our nutritionist. With onyx havivg his cgc she offers a "bully bloc" class for performance/working...
  5. Bullies 101
    Each class adheres to the Standard Class written standard with some amendments. They are broken down as follows and the classes are determined by height with consideration given to age in the ring: Standard Class- That is the standard every class follows. General Impression The American...
  6. Obedience Training
    I am going back and forth between a puppy class held by an AKC trainer (more then just my dog in the room) or getting a personal trainer. The personal trainer I have heard nothing but good things about him and he has pitbull experience. He trains all ages, but his specialty is problemed dogs...
  7. Obedience Training
    This weekend at a local pet store they are having a socialization class for owner and puppy. I want my puppy (2 months old) to be well socialized, but I do have some concerns. She has met other dogs before and she loves them (no biting just tail waging). I'm concerned of another puppy starting...
  8. General Discussion
    I figured since I was not asking for help in training I could post this here might get more responses. I signed Vendetta up for a beginning Rally class. We start the second monday in Jan and it runs for 7weeks. It is so cold here and I don't feel like walking around town freezing to death so I...
  9. General Discussion
    So I decided since I had the extra money, I'd sign Bruno up for intermediate obedience classes at Petco. I know the trainer,and she is VERY good,and to me, I think very credible.(not just one of those cashier into dog trainer type like Petsmart) Anyway, The only thing I am concerned with is...
  10. Obedience Training
    yiippee! m thrilled I have been waiting for this all summer!:clap::woof: Now which 'fur kid' to bring...I have an idea who but for the record, should I take a timid pup or a real barker? Any suggestions?
  11. Obedience Training
    Can anyone recommend a puppy obedience class in Southern California? Preferably near the Rancho Cucamonga/San Bernardino/Redlands area.
  12. Obedience Training
    My business is trying to launch online dog training classes and we need a few guinea pigs to workout our system. Another trainer and myself have been working on this for about a year now and we need to just start testing it out on some dogs. If you are interested in Competition and I know some...
  13. Obedience Training
    What do I look for in a puppy socialization class? Ive been told to stay away from the PetCos and PetSmarts.
  14. General Discussion
    As you all know my girl is now almost 15months old. She has show a little agression towards my old dog but none towards any of the other dogs in the house.YAY. Last night at flyball class she was running her course when the springer ( Annie) bobbled her ball and went into Vendetta course. I...
  15. General Discussion
    So today, I enrolled Diesel in puppy kindergarten. He starts Wednesday. There's only three other puppies in the class (one's a german shephard and the other is an alaskan malamute? or maybe a husky). But hopefully during the class they'll see Diesel is a lil more advanced and upgrade him to...
  16. Obedience Training
    Anyone from NJ have experience with local training places? I have heard great things about St. Huberts, but they only offer class at a time I cannot go. I know its a long shot, but maybe someone on here could recommend someone.
1-16 of 28 Results