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  1. Obedience Training
    Anyone with any experience? I know someone is going to have an opinion at least! I finally got a new treat pouch and used it during our walks today. Nala responded VERY well. She is very food driven. Kaos knows the deal and comes to me and sits and stays and does every trick he can (except...
  2. Life&Times of Uncle Will
    well,one day he decided to have his fun.he was about 10 at this time,and was getting stitches in his chin again.he was jumpin ramps on bicycles with some of the kids from around the way.they didn't like him much.they were always envious of his freedom to range far and wide on his bicycle.by now...
  3. Agility
    Does anyone use a clicker when training your dog for left and right? I read that you can use the clicker and take an object, but make sure they are the same things, and point to the object and click the clicker if the dog is right and give them a treat! Does anyone have a different method that...
  4. Obedience Training
    Does anyone here use that method? I've been teaching them their basics with treats and praise and someone on another forum suggested I use clicker training to sharpen their commands and tricks up even more. Any tips if you do use that method?
  5. Obedience Training
    Whats the differences between the 2? And as for all the research I have been trying to do on SATS Bridge and Target I'm still confused about it?(could be that its 3am here in PA and im tired but can't sleep)
  6. Schutzhund
    any one ever do clicker training with there dogs? i was tottaly ignorant t the idea until i started reading up on it. i am really diggin some of the concepts.
  7. General Discussion
    Has anyone used or heard of the clicker training. My aunt said good stuff about it and she shows her port. water dog and said it really helped out. I ordered a clicker with a instructional video so I guess we will see what its all about. My dogs are pretty well trained but need some help and...
  8. General Discussion
    so i have been all over the web looking for some guides to clicker training and i found one that i think looks very thorough. i showed it to my neighbor to see what he thinks, because he is retired military and did training work with clickers while he was on active duty. check out the guide its...
1-8 of 12 Results