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  1. General Discussion
    well I suppose she isn't much of a pup anymore she's 6 months old 41.4 pounds but with the winter months coming she's been getting a bit chilly. I went to petsmart to see what they had but they pretty much turned into a celeb endorcement store or something because all they have is bret michaels...
  2. Pictures
    ...and found HOODIES!! I thought, "Hey maybe they will fit Akasha" It was too cute!!! Baby Clothes, also useful for puppies. Now I can't wait until it gets cold out so she can actually wear them lol. Edit: I'm such a reject... I put Tyler instead of Tyler's... LAME
  3. General Discussion
    I'm thinking....to get her something girly and warm for Christmas! any good places online to get a good deal?
  4. Pictures
    and one that shows his dog agression lol
1-4 of 8 Results