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  1. General Discussion
    Only 4 days a way and my dog club will be hosting our first UKC confirmation show. We ar having 2 shows each day. I don't know how well we will do the UKC field rep that was to be here to help us out with questions and such is not going to be here a conflict with schedules. We are hosting an all...
  2. General Discussion
    We don't have any Clubs over here in my neck of the woods... well, there is the AKC, but that won't help me. I figured I should start one after I feel like I know what they're all about and how they function. I'm totally for unity here. I preferred a breed specific dog club at first, but it...
  3. Weight Pulling
    I have been looking everywhere to try to find a club or something where I can go to learn how to do weight pulling with my dogs. I can't seem to find anything. I have searched the internet and looked on both the UKC and ADBA websites. There is nothing is South Carolina that I can find. I mean I...
  4. Events, Results & Photos
    Hey anybody know if they have any bully clubs in San Diego or if anybody wants to just meet up? Let me know.:)
  5. General Discussion
    Started this to not thread jack the other post. Posted by Gesithexe Andy You could not be more wrong APA = I pull can get you a title 12x WP1, 18x WP2, 23x WP3 IWPA = 4 pulls 12x body weight = WD1 / 4 pulls 18x body weight = WD2 / 3 pulls 23x body weight = WD3 UKC Qualifying title - 3 pulls...
1-5 of 7 Results