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    I wanted to leave the door open with out him running in and out. If I keep looking you will be forced to let me in! Maybe if I just lay here and look pitiful? Cheese!
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    So Aimee came down from WA to CA with GRCH CALI GIRL'S ITZA STICKUP OF DMG AKA Clyde:D One of the sweetest dogs EVA! Well Taking pictures of our dogs is it what does it for me and Aimee so we spent hours taking pictures of the dogs lol. Enjoy!!! Clyde Clyde and Bumble Bee Bumble Bee...
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    Well they are crackers but I get in trouble when I call them that.
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    So I thought I'd show it off. It looks really nice. Hey ladies He's lost a little weight since I've had him so he's under 70lbs now. Now we just got to start working on muscle toning more.
1-4 of 5 Results