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  1. General Discussion
    Hi everyone! This is my first winter with my 1 year old pit mix. We live in Chicago. Are winter/sweaters necessary? I know we humans tend to project our needs and concerns onto our pets. My dog is a housepet. Stays inside except for our 4 walks (ranging from 40 min - 1 hour). Am I spoiling my...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Other than skin and coat problems what other health issue can be associated with dogs having diluted black coats
  3. Pictures
    Hey GPB World, Here's a few pics of my Pits. Dame is Bolio, 19in & 58.5lbs / Her son "Khaos" is 19in & 79lbs / Zeus is 18.5in & 50lbs / The Sire is 75% Gotti 25% Colby, about 22in & 105-110lbs. Let me know what you guys think of them Vida & Khaos Ready For A Walk
  4. Health & Nutrition
    I was just curious what kind of vitamin/supplement, etc I could give to my dog to help their coats. any suggestions?
  5. General Discussion
    I have a dog that I think is mixed with a pitbull or maybe it's a full pitbull. He has about a 4mm underbite. Do pits have underbites? Also his coat is a little longer than some of the pits that I've seen. Is this possible in a full pit?
  6. Jokes and Funny Stuff
    Well, now you know................
  7. Obedience Training
    my adult pit marie almost 2 goes LITTERALLY EVERYWHERE with me.she has even charmed the gas station attendant so she can come into the store and sit behind the counter and gets tons of treats from them and the patrons of the place. well the other night we were inside having a coffee and some...
1-7 of 7 Results