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    Bully the Kid's UKC GRCH Cochise was bred to CH 'PR' Moore's It's Just Baby Phat aka Kimora. There is one male puppy and one female puppy that are available if anyone is interested; however, they must go to show homes. These puppies have an amazing pedigree! All dogs (with the exception of 2)...
  2. Pictures
    People have asked me to post some new pics of Co, so we did a little shoot yesterday and I thought I would share Cochise right at 2 years old. All comments welcome.
  3. Pictures
    :mad:B][SIZE="3"]Thought I would share some pics of Cochise with GoPitBull. [/[/IMG]SIZE][/B]jpg[/IMG][/IMG]
  4. Pictures
    I love working my dogs, to see the change in their bodies. I normally work my UKC GRCH hard during the off season, or when I decide they are not showing for a couple of months. Cochise gets to enjoy this condition for about another month, then in Jan. its back to the UKC show ring and a couple...
1-4 of 4 Results