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    Ok, so I think I've mentioned before that I'm a medical courier and drive all over for work and see all kinds of crazy stuff the Bay Area has to offer. So I'm driving in Oakland towards Berkeley literally 45 mins ago and I see a young boy running down the sidewalk. Couldn't have been more 12 or...
  2. General Discussion
    Wake Up w/ Kap *Patcheeno* Cinnamon Stick Buns Coffee (Fundraiser). Patcheeno is one of the three Therapy Spokes Dogs who was picked as a representative The 7th Annual Dog Walk for Cancer event. The proceeds made go to: The J. Phillip Citta Regional Cancer Center and the Cancer Programs at...
  3. The Pitbull Lounge
    hey guys, i figure some of you have to be gear heads also. does anyone know where i can order a kit or somthing of that nature to turn a extra chevy small block into a coffee table? i know i could prolly make one myself but would prefer to be lazy:roll:
  4. General Discussion
    Hi All! We've found homes for Playboy and Casey, but Coffee still needs a loving family. Animal Control is coming , possibly today, to get him. Can anyone help? The local rescue groups are full and cannot take him in and we cannot give him the home he needs. We bought him a new collar...
  5. General Discussion
    okay i know this is terrible for my dog but now 2 times he has drank my coffee..yesterday he waited until i went in the shower and i come out and my coffee is gone and hes got good breath today when i went to get my coffee he was scrambling to look in my cup as i walked up the stairs...i just...
1-5 of 7 Results