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  1. General Discussion
    Who can suggest quality leather dog collar? I also recommend this blog https://pawsnose.com/best-rolled-leather-dog-collars
  2. Obedience Training
    Hi all, yes I searched! are there any more recent recommendations on bark collars? I'd like to get your input for the best collar to solve this issue. My Pit constantly barks to come back in the house even when it's 75 degrees out, he has adequate water, shade, food, toys, etc... I don't want...
  3. General Discussion
    We started using a prong collar for walking our guy (pit mix,1.5 years old) a few months ago, as per the trainer we took him to. We still use it. He doesn't seem to understand the concept of walking nicely, regardless of what we've done. It doesn't seem to bug him, and he doesn't pull when it's...
  4. General Discussion
    Spot on or Collar: What's the Right Flea & Tick Treatment for Your Pet? (Sponsored) It's that time of year again - the weather is warming up. That means parasites are waking up… and they're hungry! Protect your pet with a spot on or collar treatment that perfectly fits their needs. The...
  5. Obedience Training
    Hi everyone! I've always wanted a pit because they are so sweet and loyal. I adopted a 1 year old neutered male from the shelter yesterday. I've never had a dog this strong and am having trouble controlling him on walks....he pulls hard. I'm currently using a chain choker collar, but it doesn't...
  6. General Discussion
    I am a first time pit bull terrier mix owner.. adoption will be final in one week! What collar and leash is best? Any other tips for me? Thanks! Sent from my SM-G928T using Tapatalk
  7. Obedience Training
    Odin and Angie pull when we are walking them so the dog trainer recommended and fitted them with Pinch Collars. During training the dogs worked well with them. The next day we took Odin and Angie for a walk using the Pinch collars. They did well until another dog was spotted. Angie was out...
  8. Obedience Training
    Hello everyone! We have decided to use an E collar on our girl to help her stop chasing the cat, and obsessing over the underside of the porch (where the cat likes to hide from her, and what also happens to be a nice garden with blueberry bushes that are getting trampled). We are working with...
  9. Pictures
    .......and a perfect day "Say what?" ....Overtyme Kennel collar, and it's slick! .....yummm, thank you!
  10. Pictures
    It finally arrived, felt like forever. Orange and Black.... My daughters school colors.
  11. General Discussion
    Hey guys. Maybe you can help me. I am looking online for a pink/rose/or purple 1 3/4 inch collar. I have a red one and I LOVE how thick it is. Any idea where to find one. I have been looking and looking! 19 inch neck.
  12. Pictures
    Went to Home Depot made her a collar for under $5!
  13. General Discussion
    So my pit border collie mix was in her outdoor kennel somehow she ripped her stitches out and we had to take her to the ec vet to get stitched back up luckily free of charge because it was 369.00 way overpriced they put a belly bandage on her which can be remove tomorrow and an e collar and in 7...
  14. General Discussion
    Ok gang, So I took my dog to a trainer yesterday, and she placed the prong collar so the prongs are in the back of the neck, and not under the neck below her mouth (as a previous trainer instructed). I asked her a few times if that's the right way and she said yes, and she was shocked the other...
  15. Pictures
    I won cali a BSL collar and today it came in the mail. Now she has her very own BSL Bites Lux spark collar pink on black :)
1-15 of 250 Results