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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    Hello there New to this forum Though I am not new to dogs Ive previously co owned a female red but Chai ( pictured ) is now 1 year 5 months + I've had her in home with my fiancée since a pup I purchased her for a pretty penny from a breeder in Los Angeles with both parents papered on site...
  2. General Discussion
    I know about the tri colored pits......But what's up with the purple pits and i hear people are spending top dollar on these dogs.First thing came to mind was oh man new Fad!!!SMH SN: BUT I REALLY WANNA KNOW WASSUP!!LOL
  3. Bloodline Discussion
    Where does this coloring come from? What bloodline carries this type of coloring? I have seen a few pics on here of some but there is also a woman I see walking one on my commute to work sometimes. He is like a red speckled color. They look like they have some dalmation or australian cattle dog...
  4. Pictures
    Ok Tri is not a color but a marking, but you guys know what I mean :D Post up your Tri dogs here.
  5. Pictures
    Here are more awaited colored in doggies!!! (For those who didn't see) Introducing, Dorian The German Shepherd puppy! Crash the American Bully Lacey the Red & White Border Collie Mama Blue the Great Dane and Wriggle Wrinkles the Pug! (I tried Fawn with the Black mask but it was a...
  6. General Discussion
    I know, its about the working ability and trust I know that, but I love this color. I will get one but trust me i will work all my dogs in comps and such...just a thread of pics...what you think...
  7. Pictures
    More artwork! (I colored in Faligar) Yep, when i make my TV show, this is how they he was originally meant to look when colored. I found a free trial of photoshop so i downloaded it on my computer so that when i get it i'll know how to use it. It's gonna end soon and i just wanted to learn how...
  8. General Discussion
    Those of you that have been in the breed for awhile how many Merle colored pure bred APBT's dogs have you seen with your own eyes? We will be talking about this on the show soon and I'd like to get educated on it before we do ;) If you have pictures of your own merle dogs please share them...
  9. Pictures
    Ok Ok its not even a pitbull.... Or part of my breeding......But she is a tri color!!! lol.. We had talked for awhile about getting someone for Francis that was more her size to play with. My sister neglected to fix her Chihuahua and 2 weeks before she took her in to have her spayed I looked at...
  10. General Discussion
    Most of them I see I don't really care for but this one I came across on another forum is beautiful. I like the coloring. I hope its okay I'm posting thier pic :confused: anyways how is this color bred? and anyone know any kennel websites I can check out some more pics?
  11. General Discussion
    So I've taken up the hobby of making rope leads but the local stores are limited in color. Anyone know where I can buy differant colored ropes and patterns online by the ft? Most places want to sell it buy the roll. thanks
1-11 of 12 Results