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  1. General Discussion
    I have had her for 5 years. She was blue but int he last 4 monrths she has changed to kind of a red tan color with some blue m ixed in. Has anyone seen this before
  2. Bloodline Discussion
    I have a female blue gotti (Nahla) and a American bully (Tonto) and we weren't trying to breed them. But You can't stay awake 24/7 lol well while at work my daughter let my female out and they got stuck what colors do you think I will get he's black in the sun he is chocolate and my female is...
  3. General Discussion
    What would you call their colors? I know they are brindle, but they are so different colorwise. Ginger, the darker girl, her colors in the photo looks spot on. Xoey's color is not as red in person, for some reason I just can't get the color in photos right. The only thing I can compare her...
  4. General Discussion
    Hello again, just came across a picture of these tri colored umm am bullies im guessing? And they are really nicely colored to me i have grown to like this specific color tri. Was just wondering does anyone know ppl breeding them? Are they am bully tris? Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  5. General Discussion
    Hi guys my friend is looking to buy a baby from his aunt who is breeding her APBT show dogs. The male is chocolate coat (reddish tent) with a white chest, and the female is a dark grey with a white chest. He wants to know if any of you have dogs born from the same color parents to get an idea of...
  6. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I'm coaching my daughters 14 and under softball team again this season (yay me....) and need to come up with a name and colors for the uniforms.HELP!! My daughter was wanting pink camo with hot pink lettering for the shirts and black pants.What can I say,we're ********!But idk. Any ideas on the...
  7. Pictures
    And by fun colors I mean the ones that change in different lights. Like seal looking black inside and almost red/brown out in the sun. I'll start, I call Odin blue seal and I'm not sure if its a real color but that's the best way to describe it. :hammer: Inside in the morning and he's pretty...
  8. Products / Services
    I am making an order for special colors I dont normally stock. We have a few shows coming up so this will be the last special order I am doing for at least a few months. For those of you that wanted that 1.5" Hot Pink, it has been sold. BUT, now is your time ti get yours. You can order here and...
  9. Pictures
    Ok so guys i dont really post on here much i mostly read lol but yea.....i've been coming across alot of posts about this tri color stuff....well i doubt my dog is a tri color but he IS NOT a brindle i repeat HE IS NOT A BRINDLE....but i dont know exactly what color he is because it looks like...
  10. Products / Services
    This will be the last for a few months. Any color any size. here's a few from last month - http://www.gopitbull.com/products-services/39287-special-order-colors-free-today.html#post476284
  11. Pictures
    I noticed it a couple weeks ago, but in the sun you can really tell I don't know how well you'll be able to see it in these photos but he was blue, now hes blue with like gold flares? lol. Why? And heres a few of Z as well. :)
  12. Products / Services
    Order any color any width today without the price of the special order cost! Any color is the same price as our regular collars. We can order just about any color you can think of. For questions please PM me or E-mail me at: [email protected]
  13. General Discussion
    What is the difference between a blue pit bull and a red pit bull?
  14. Products / Services
    Happy to say that we just added two new 2" colors, Royal Blue & Red. There were quite a few people on here waiting for these colors so I figured I'd post up on here and keep those people updated. I thank everyone for they're support, we wouldnt be where we are with out the help of the people on...
  15. General Discussion
    The Genetics of Breed Color In The American Pit Bull Terrier by Amy Greenwood Burford B.S. One of my responsibilities as a member of the staff of the American Dog Breeders Association is to be the 'color expert'. I believe that my many years of experience in the breed, as well as the...
  16. General Discussion
    Not that it matters much to me...but I am trying to figure out what color Daisy is. Shes like, almost black, but theres like a brown sheen to her coat. Is that seal? A google search of the color seems to bring up alot of blue dogs...from what I am reading theyre different right? Blue isnt...
  17. General Discussion
    Ok so looking at google which only made me more confused im trying to find good pictures of red tri's , red sables, champagne tri's. The coowner we have pep with right now says these pups are tri's but its hard to tell at this age i know ,and alot have changed already but would be nice to know...
  18. Pictures
    show quality, or not quite? this is him today @ about 19 weeks 38 lbs
1-19 of 32 Results