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  1. General Discussion
    Nami is showing a lot more ABD than pit bull, even my vet said it.
  2. General Discussion
    Madison has a new home (Ex got her also) :-\ Just purchased new pup, American Pit Bull Terrier (OFRN Strain) Here are the three males, I get last pick so I dont know which one of these beauty is going to be mine just yet. Ill post the Pedigree once I get all that stuff. Picking him up...
  3. Pictures
    Two days ago we walked the dogs at night in a T-shirt, it was that warm. Today I woke up and it was -13! I'm shocked that it hasn't snowed yet, but either way it was time to grab some winter gear for the dogs. Pig looks so cute in her new sweater. It's a little saggy on the belly, we...
  4. Events, Results & Photos
    Looking to go to a show or event this year in Ohio with my family. Anyone know of anything coming up anywhere in Ohio?
  5. General Discussion
    HI GUYS!!! =D =D Long time I know!!! But I am coming back! The majority of you don't know who I am, but you oldtimers know! Just wanted to let everyone know I will be back and active pretty soon here. Will get some current pics up when I can. Miss everyone, can't wait to see how all the...
  6. pitbull behavior
    Hey guys! So previously I've posted about Bravo and his aggression towards dogs outside and our roommate's Bull Terrier. I've done some talking to some co-workers who are also dog trainers. There was a piece of information that I didn't analyze. Bravo approached our roommate's dog (with out...
  7. pitbull behavior
    I have a new pup coming and is there any precautions I should take being I have a pitbull next door living next to me. there is a regular chain fence separating the yards and she shows signs of dog aggression and she is very protective of myself and my family. I assume she views us as part of...
  8. General Discussion
    I have an American Staffordshire who is 1 year old and am flying into the USA (either Florida or Georgia) from Germany in 2 weeks. He only has German paperwork on him so what do I need at the Port Of Entry? I have heard many horror storys. Has anyone been though this yet or can point me to...
  9. pitbull behavior
    Hey guys I have a two and a half month old pitbull who when I tell him to come he does not listen. This is the first dog I have owned who does not come when told to. I try and clap and whistle and sound excited but still nothing. Any advice? Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  10. Health & Nutrition
    So my pup(16 wks, 20lbs) just had her 3rd set of shots yesterday. She was woozy most of the day. Didnt eat much , slept a lot. Then this morning she woke up acting frisky running around. Then I noticed her sleepies in her eyes were green.wiped them away with warm wash cloth. Called her vet they...
1-11 of 78 Results