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  1. Weight Pulling
    Hey guys, We are a bunch of pitbulloholics here in Romania and we want to have an sports event for pitbulls. We want to ask what we need in order to have this competition organized here... Can we bring an existent association to make an event here or should be create a new assosiation and...
  2. Events, Results & Photos
    Thailand Weight Pull Competition 1/2013 On March 17, 2013 Location: Central Department Store CheingMai Please check it out!!!
  3. Events, Results & Photos
    On behave of our weight pull team in Thailand. We'd like to inform that we'd have weight pull competition event on June 30 2012 @ Impact Arena MuangThong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand
  4. Pictures
    The pictures aren't that great, my grandmother decided to let my 8 year old cousin to take them. lol We had an awesome time, there were some huge jumps! A mal was doing around 20-21ish, I believe her personal best was 24. And a mix owned by the same lady was doing around the same as well...
  5. General Discussion
    Not many of us get to get out and wp or do a legal sport with our dogs. I was thinking if anyone has any ideas of things we can have our dogs compete against one another and we can post the video for evidence. We can have an entry each month and a obviously a winner each month too lol I was...
  6. Events, Results & Photos
    weight pull flyball etc... im interested in him doing something, should be fun... dont want to let the athleticism go to waste
  7. Events, Results & Photos
    Professional Canine Services presents; The 1st Annual Pro K9 Services "Serve & Protect Competition" Sat. Sept. 11, 2010 Law Enforcement K9 Training Center 10377 Lanes Farm Lane Culpeper, VA. 2270 This will be the "1st TIME EVER" that a K9 Pro Sport event will be divided into Training...
  8. Schutzhund
  9. General Discussion
    first of all hey to everyone reading this... question, why are there not any pitbulls or bullies in the championship shows that they show nationally? i ask this because i am getting a blueline and i am wanting to put it in a show and want it to grow up in shows, but i am also asking how will i...
1-9 of 10 Results