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  1. General Discussion
    Weighs in at 53.5 lbs as of today. Sometimes i wonder if he's got boxer mixed in him b/c when he gets excited and jumps up he likes to do that boxing motion with his front paws a lot, no idea if this is common in pits or not. I think the last time i posted was after his snake bite, well he...
  2. General Discussion
    at emergency vet Gf was walking Conan a couple evenings ago and a copperhead was in the middle of the road that they didn't see until they walked up on it. Conan was being protective and ended up getting struck near the eye, gf didn't even know b/c they took off running towards the house as...
  3. General Discussion
    some pics of recent, as you can see, Conan's been growing fast. When i got him at 8 weeks old i believe he was about 10-12 lbs, seemingly underweight. and i'm only being honest when i say i bought from a BYB (who is a nice guy and keeps in interest in his pups after they're sold-so that's a...
  4. Pictures
    Hey everyone A presa friend of mine in Spain made this for me today so I thought I would share. Hope you enjoy
  5. Schutzhund
    Hello All Haven't been here in a while to much work and play with the dogs, been keeping me from the computer :D I was at a Decoy Seminar of the past weekend and took my boy with me. So they worked him a little bit so here are some photos of him at the seminar. Thanks for looking Deb
  6. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    So for those who don't know basically Leno's new primetime show did't have the good enough ratings and are moving him to 11:35 and moving Conans show to 12:05. Imo im gonna have to go with conan, not that I don't like Leno or anything I just find his jokes a little bland. What do you guys think?
  7. Pictures
    Here are some photos of my boy: "CH Conan De Warsney" This is why we took all these pictures yesturday of him Conan says: done my dad ... www.seankarntattoos.com This is the first stage of my sleeve, thought I would share... Enjoy! Deb
  8. General Discussion
    Just some new pictures from the past few days,
  9. General Discussion
  10. General Discussion
    APBT/Neo. mastiff
1-10 of 10 Results