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  1. Health & Nutrition
    Fletcher got neutered today he did well.The vet told me to leave the head cone on for 10 days.They said he will learn to live with it lol.but I was thinking I can make it smaller as cutting it down lower so the cone is not as wide as the top. If I do this he still can't lick down there.he keeps...
  2. Pictures
    Khaleesi got her ears done. She HATES the cone.
  3. Pictures
    Kane came home today after having TPLO surgery done on his right rear leg. The surgery went great, they expect a full recovery back to his normal range of motion, although he will be predisposed to arthritis in that knee when he gets older. I've taken to supplementing him with glucosamine and...
  4. Pictures
    Here are all the puppies after the ear crops CONE HEADS! lol Barca King of the chair Crixus Barca and Varro Varro, the little nerd! lol Varro chewing on Barca Crixus wanting in on the action Crixus beating up Varro Varro getting brave and slapping his sister Crixus Crixus...
  5. Pictures
    poor girl.
  6. Pictures
    can someone tell me how to post a picture without it being an attachment
  7. Pictures
    rocky does not look happy at all!!!
  8. Pictures
    Well it was about time for one of the dogs to need some type of medical attention lmao..... Sooo Lil Mom tore part of her ear on??????God only knows. I sent them outside, took some cough syrup ( I've been sick :( ) and went out right behind the 3 girls only to have Lil Mom come up to me all...
  9. Pictures
    So Bomber had to get about three inches of his tail docked because of his happy tail. So now he has a stubby tail and a cone head and I of course, had to take pics and share with everyone Poor guy he's all embarrassed Its like a shiney plastic halo. Thats it Lady, you get the butt...
1-9 of 9 Results