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  1. Pictures
    Whats up gopitbull, i hope youre still not as communist as the last time i logged in lol. Logged in, had quite a few a pms wanting updates on my dogs. I still have all three. -Thank you in part taking with me and my dogs, greatly appreciate it family. I do not log in as much, but if you want...
  2. General Discussion
    is it legal in the state of texas to use lethal force on my neighbors dogs if they are on my property?? my baby girl cheina was viciously attacked by the neighbors 4 dogs two days ago and it is taking everything in me to not go put a bullet in everyone of them! my "neighbor's" (who doesnt live...
  3. Pictures
    LoL, For those of you who know me, I am sorry I have not been on for a while, as life caught up with me. I no longer work @ the hotel, (no more midgets) (inside joke, dave) I work as a gas injector technician. Basically i press a button on a machine all day that does all the work for me and get...
  4. Pictures
    Indi and Terror (aka Trance) Trance being BAD RE Gotti and Chinaman "Imma nawr er ear off!!"
  5. Pictures
    Heres my hippo :) 100% razors edge almost 15mo. Lil boy....only 50 lbs on the vet scale 2 weeks ago. my daughter is one of his best friends haha :) nanny dog. anywho...pikey.
  6. Pictures
    heres the family. only one that's not pictured in these are my oldest daughter kaylee. i only get her every other weekend, so i'll post some pix of her later on. me n pikeY ri ri (riley) and pikeY <----PikeY comes from her. lol heather and pike (fiance, soon to be married july 18th :clap:)
  7. Pictures
    heres pike again :) he's now 1 yr 1 mon. old. we went for a ride yesterday and i took some pix. enjoy....BTW camera phones are actually starting to be worth a damn huh. i just got me an env2. its only a 2.0mp but its def. nicer than the 1.3's!!!
  8. General Discussion
    okay my dog is 6 months old and I have been reading that puppy food should have like 20% to 30% more protien than adult dog food... I feed my boy blue buffalo large breed puppy but there isnt that much difference between the puppy and the adult accept for like minerals and things like that...
  9. Health & Nutrition
    I'm new here, so hello all! We'll get our new pup in a couple weeks. I've scoured over the dog food review website. Most of the 6 star foods say they have too much protein for puppies. (40-42%) I'm looking at the Innova puppy, or the Chicken soup for puppies food. (24-28% protein) When is an...
1-9 of 12 Results