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  1. Pictures
    Here are some more pictures! Wasn't using an image host, wasn't thinking, until today. Hope you enjoy! We will be taking some better pictures of him this weekend at the park to show his body standing and playing/running. Have a great day!:pupruns:
  2. Pictures
    I finished another, i am currently working on a pic with Bumble Bee and Lil Mom in it so check back soon for it! My artsite: http://sites.google.com/site/thebittersweetembraceofart/home I babied Bumble Bee up and made her a puppy :) original pic : Pitbulls : Go Pitbull Dog Forums -...
  3. Pictures
    Heres some random pics of Apollo He's 7 months right now and is filling out pretty nicely. I havn't been doing too much with him besides walking and a little flirting, well not even that since winter hit. I cnt stand the cold! Figuring he's too good for the camera new trick i taught him lol...
  4. Pictures
    my gf says he looks like an egytian king HAHA LOL gotta love this face
  5. General Discussion
    sorry guys... you can only post like ten thousand letters per posting. here's the rest of part1 "According to reports from the self-styled members of the Four Pi cult, its victims were mainly hitchhikers, drifters and runaways, with an occasional volunteer from the ranks. One such, a young...
  6. General Discussion
    While the Process publicly courted celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Mama Kass and John Phillips, **** Jaggar, his girlfriend Marianne Faithfull, Salvador Dali and others, the DeGrimstons became more reclusive. As if fused into one psychic entity, senior Processeans, “the Teacher” and “The...
  7. Positive Pitbull News
    Trial for dog-attack case will be continued Staff Report November 23, 2006 RIFLE - A continuance has been scheduled for the woman whose pit bull allegedly mauled an elderly Silt woman in September until her attorney can appear in court. Julie Dawn Sullivan, 32, of Silt, the owner of the pit...
1-7 of 10 Results